Augusta National is one of the most traditional clubs in world golf and, to maintain their historic image, there are certain rules that are applied.

Throughout Masters week, thousands of patrons come on to the grounds to witness one of the finest weeks in sport, but obeying the laws of Augusta is a must.

NCG has created a list of the main rules everybody needs to be aware of if they ever find themselves inside the hallowed club.

Augusta National rules

No electronic devices

Augusta National rules

During tournament days, patrons, players, caddies and, quite frankly, everybody else risk being thrown out of Augusta and even receiving a ban for using electronic devices.

This includes mobile phones so attendees must be sure to leave their mobiles at home.

There is some slight leeway in the rule when it comes to practice days, though. On these days, cameras are permitted on the golf course.

Do not resell tickets within 2,700 feet of Augusta

Ticket reselling is a tricky subject in all areas of entertainment these days, but is particularly frowned upon when it come to the Masters.

Ticket resales are not really in the spirit of the Masters but if you were to sell a ticket then it must be done more than 2,700 feet way from the golf club.

Anybody caught selling tickets within this area could find themselves arrested and on the way to a police station.

Do not run

There always seems to be the temptation when following a golf tournament to break into a run to grab the best spot to watch a player’s next shot or get a good view of a green.

But, if seen doing so at the Masters, you would risk being asked to leave or escorted out of the property.

So if anyone’s ball flies over your head and lands behind you, consider the consequences before running over to it.

Walk briskly, yes. Run, no.

Don’t ask players for autographs while they are out on the course

Augusta National rules

At Augusta, it is frowned upon for anybody to request a player’s autograph while they are out on the course.

You may ask for autographs around the practice area and as always, most players will oblige and particularly on practice days.

In addition, you may ask for autographs when players are on the par-3 course, so this is another option if you’re lucky enough to hold a Wednesday badge.

If you plan on getting anything signed make your way over to the practice grounds, or attend the par-3 challenge where you can try your luck.

Don’t bring your own food or drink onto the premises

Augusta’s food and drink prices are incredibly reasonable. For just $1.50 you can tuck into a tasty pimento cheese sandwich and add a drink for anywhere between $2 and $5.

There’s really no reason to bring your own food and drink into the course.

But thanks to the security checks on your way in, you will most likely have any you do bring taken away from you anyway.

Don’t overdo it on the alcohol

While beer will be relatively cheap on course, this is not an excuse for patrons to consume large amounts.

Everybody in attendance should be there to enjoy the spectacle and, while there is no issue with enjoying a drink or two, ensure that you don’t overdo it.

If you appear drunk, the staff at Augusta won’t hesitate to remove you from the premises.

Sit only in your own seat

You will notice on the Masters coverage the rows of green collapsible chairs in place around the majority of greens.

These have been put there by patrons and they are able to leave them to return to later on.

This is really an unwritten rule but as a patron you shouldn’t sit in anybody else’s chair. Should you wish to sit down then buy or bring your own collapsible chair but make sure it has no armrests.

Only one re-entry per day

With each ticket, patrons may enter the course twice a day, meaning that if you leave once, you are allowed back in with the same ticket. Any more than that and you won’t get back in.