We pride ourselves on working in partnership with our advertisers, providing bespoke account management and a consultative approach that ensures your budget is directed to the right areas to deliver real results.

We are able to offer advertisers flexible, cross-platform solutions including print, digital, video, sponsorship, and events.

Our audience is the most relevant golf audience in the UK – with a total monthly readership of more than 500,000 we reach more core golfers than any other media brand.

We are the most-read golf media brand among core and avid golfers (SMS survey 2014). In fact, 98% of our readers play golf more than 12 times a year. This section of golf’s demographic are responsible for 80% of total golf expenditure.

For non-core brands, our niche audience will deliver you targeted results and exceptional cost-per-thousand value. With an average household income of over £72,0000 p/a, and an average age of 40, we can help you to access an affluent audience.

If you are interested in hearing more then please get in touch with our advertising director Christian Maiden or call 01132 893 979.

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