The two things that I want to highlight that are worth noting for all of you male club golfers who are carrying a little excess weight are, firstly, how firmly planted both Angel’s feet are as he strikes the ball.

He almost appears a bit flat- footed but this is exactly how the weight should be distributed for the heavier golfer.

Secondly, please observe how far Angel has managed to turn his hips to the left while his shoulders are parallel to his intended line. This is something that club golfers should try to do – however, you need flexibility.

If you are serious about wanting to hit a long drive as you get older you must work to maintain flexibility. You have to be able to do as Cabrera does: clear your hips, stay firmly balanced and really swish the golf club through impact.

The Swing

Angel Cabrera

You can see how Cabrera’s build forces him to bend over and forwards much more than the super slim young guns. He is standing slightly open, with his left foot withdrawn a couple of inches from the parallel line to his target. This helps him rotate his lower body out of the way through impact.

Angel Cabrera

The one-piece takeaway – he begins his swing with his left shoulder moving first while his hips follow a split second later. And his left knee moves inwards in sympathy to ensure correct weight transfer through the swing.

As his hands pass his right thigh the length and weight of his club, coupled with the momentum of his swing, cause his wrists to begin to hinge and set the club swinging on the desired plane, while his torso continues to rotate.

Almost at the top of his backswing and you can see how the swing of the bigger framed man is forced to be a bit more vertical, due to him having to bend over more from his hips at set-up to accommodate his large chest.

We can note that the shaft is pointing marginally across the line. This again is a result of his build, he has turned his body as fully as he can but to generate maximum power his arms have lifted to ensure the club travels far enough back to maximise power.

The club head appears a little open but is in keeping with the swing plane.

Angel Cabrera

This is superb. His hips are parallel to the line, virtually where they started from. His shoulders point some 60 ̊ to the right of target – great flexibility – and the shaft points at the ball ready for a perfect delivery.

Impact! Tremendous hip clearance, fantastic retention of his spine angle but most impressive is the firm foundation from which Cabrera is still able to deliver the power for which he is renowned.

A power that is barely diminished with the passing of time.

Angel Cabrera

Despite not being able to see his arms, take it from me they are fully extended and the release will pull Cabrera through to a full finish. Angel’s feet are still firmly on the ground, only now is his right foot beginning to roll inwards, perfect for readers to copy.