What is Amen Corner?

Amen corner is one of the most iconic stretches of holes in the world. The term Amen Corner used to apply to the approach to the 11th green, the entire 12th hole and the tee shot on the 13th. In the modern era it simply refers to all three holes.

The iconic phrase comes from sports writer Herbert Warren Wind, who, in 1958 referred to holes 11, 12 and 13 as Amen Corner. Coming from the jazz song “Shouting at Amen Corner”.

Here we take a closer look at each hole that makes up the famous stretch on Augusta’s back nine.

11th – White Dogwood

The dog leg right par-4 measures 505 yards in total and typically plays as the hardest hole at the Masters.

In 2016 the stroke average was 4.551 and only six birdies were made there over the four days. Brooks Koepka was the only player to birdie the hole in last years final round.

With trees hugging both sides of the fairway it creates one of the hardest tee shots on the course.

Players then face a tough downhill approach shot with water directly to the left of the green and a bunker placed at the back right of the green. The usual safety shot is to hit the front right of the green.

12th – Golden Bell

This is Augusta National’s signature par-3. Some go as far to say it is the most famous par-3 in the world. The hole measures 155 yards and is the shortest of the four par-3’s on the course.

The tee-shot looks fairly straight forward to the eye but the swirling breezes and a narrow green surrounded by bunkers at the front and the back makes it a hard task to land the ball near the pin.

After the daunting tee-shot, players must then walk across the famous Hogan Bridge to finish off the hole as the green has Rae’s Creek running in front of it.

It was ranked as the seventh hardest hole in the 2016 tournament and was the site of Jordan Spieth’s meltdown where he fatted two balls into Rae’s Creek.

There has only ever been three holes-in-one at the famous par-3 during tournament play. Curtis Strange was the last to hit

13th – Azalea

The penultimate par-5 on the course brings an end to Amen Corner. It was statistically the third easiest hole during the 2016 Masters tournament with a stroke average of 4.809.

The hole measure 510 yards in length and is a dog leg to the left with tall trees, a tributary to Rae’s Creek and out of bounds hugging the left hand side.

Some players opt to take a three wood instead of a driver as it brings the trees on the right-hand side of the fairway into to play when using a driver. Phil Mickelson famously hit the ball to with in four feet when playing out of the trees on his way to his 2010 green jacket victory.

The approach shot is just as daunting as the tee shot. The tributary to Rae’s Creek runs up the hole and separates the fairway and the green meaning players must decide whether to lay up to the right of the green or go for it in two.