The online golf betting world is a vibrant economic sphere. Friends and fortunes have been made and lost.  Over the last decade, online sports betting in general has consistently expanded. Golf betting online has been an important part of this growth.

But now, with so many sporting events cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, online golf betting is screeching to a halt. Here’s a look at where we were before covid-19 was unleashed, where this industry stands now, and where it is going.

How was it Before the Pandemic

In 2018, the Supreme Court struck down Nevada’s monopoly on sports betting. This opened up the possibility for legal online sports betting across the country. Before the pandemic, online golf betting was booming.

According to Legal Sports Report, in 2019, sports betting generated $1,390,427,457. Thyy also generated over $180 million in taxes across eleven states. 

The business was booming. Things have come to a sudden stop. If you were not part of this initial boom, now is a good time to get acquainted with the basics of glolf online betting. Make the most of this down time.

Coronavirus Shakes up the Industry

It is not just golf. In fact, it is not just sports. The whole world is putting itself on hold for the sake of public health. 

While it is unfortunate that we have to take a break from the things we love. Golf, its bettors, and the rest of us have decided to take a break to save lives and help out hospital staff. 

According to Golf Digest, over twenty golf events have been cancelled due to coronavirus. 

These include events from around the world. The PGA Tour has cancelled the Players Championship,a mong others. The European tour has made several cancellations. As has the LPGA. 

The biggest events have merely been postponed. For now, that is. 

What Can You Do In The Meantime?

With golf barely taking place these days, what is one to do? 

If you are new to golf betting, it is a good idea to start to check out sports books and different banking options. This way you can take advantage of the pause study up. When the big tournaments come rolling through, you will be at the start line, ready to take off.

If you are already set up for online golf betting, you can explore some alternatives. 

Because so many sporting events have been cancelle dor postponed, a whole new industry of virtual sports has opened up. These are games that allow you to bet on the randomised outcome of virtual sports. 

We definitely prefer the real deal. In the meantime, it’s better than nothing! 

What’s next? Golf’s Future Events

Since we know that golf betting has been so popular, we can assume that once the world is back in order, that success will continue. 

So, when will that be? 

The rough answer is that no one knows. But we know that Tiger Woods is probably more eager than anyone. As he hopes to earn the all-time major wins record.  Not even golf gods can control this. 

Many events through the Summer have already been canceled. We also know that the biggest tournaments will have priority when things come back. 

This means it will come back with a bang! 

Right now nothing is scheduled until the end of May. Seeing the Masters at some time after that will be the best case scenario. You, me, and all the online golf bettors will keep our fingers crossed and hands washed until then.

The nearest still-scheduled golf event is the Charles Schwab Challenge at the end of May. Then the one of the biggest golf events of the year, the U.S. Open, is scheduled for a few weeks later, in the middle of June.

That means you probably have two months to get caught up on online golf betting. 

Nonetheless, the online sports betting industry will not have a year like 2019. No matter what, many events have been cancelled, not just postponed. Reduced revenue numbers will reflect the state of the world, rather than the state of the industry.