Bushnell Hybrid laser review: The results

Bushnell hybrid laser review

When I arrived at the course the Bushnell Hybrid GPS feature located me within a few seconds and allowed me to select the course I was playing.

And full marks were given for asking me which of the three nines (1-9, 10-18, 19-27) I was about to play at Moor Allerton.

Bushnell hybrid laser review

Many GPS devices offer up the names of the three nines – which I can never remember – so I often end up selecting the wrong nine.

Another great little feature is the shot measurement. Simply tap the ‘Golf’ button after hitting your tee shot then walk to your ball and it will give you the number.

Bushnell hybrid laser review

The GPS function has all the things you’d expect from a good watch or handheld device.

Bushnell hybrid laser review

But for me it’s the quality of the laser which, in essence, sets all of Bushnell’s products apart.

The ‘Jolt’ technology – a vibration when you have locked the pin – makes this laser quicker and easier to use than the Garmin Z80.

You get the full confidence that you have got the flag and not some trees behind hit.

It also gives the product an added premium feel.

Bushnell Hybrid laser review: NCG verdict

If this was just a laser rangefinder it would be fantastic and as good as anything on the market.

Bushnell hybrid laser review

And the GPS functionality is pretty darn good too. I’d happily take this out on to the course and never use the laser.

So the fact you have both in the same device makes this one of the ‘must-have’ products of 2018.

The Garmin Z80 is fantastic too as it offers course flyover maps through the viewfinder.

But the quality of the Bushnell laser just gives it the edge for me. And it’s nearly £200 cheaper.

Could you ask for any more from the Bushnell Hybrid?

Well, I’m going to. How about a clear ‘window’ on the side of the case so you can view the GPS numbers without having to take the laser out of the case every time?

Bushnell hybrid laser review

Over to you, Bushnell.

SRP: £399.99

More information can be found on the Bushnell website.