Our Garmin Approach Z80 review took place during rounds at Moor Allerton in Leeds and Bridport in Dorset.

Laser or rangefinder? Which is better? Well with the Garmin Approach Z80 you get the best of both worlds – a laser with built-in GPS.

Garmin Approach Z80 review: First impressions

Garmin Approach Z80 review

We’d waited about five years since the last Bushnell Hybrid laser and now we have two new models in the same year.

The way the Z80 differs from the new Bushnell Hybrid is all the information is displayed through the viewfinder. The Bushnell has the GPS numbers displayed on the side of the laser.

The Garmin Approach Z80 feels like a highly-premium piece of kit. It has a sturdy case with a decent clip to go on your bag.

Garmin Approach Z80 review

The laser itself has a stylish design and it’s quite compact. This is quite surprising considering how much technology there is going on inside.

Another difference between this and Bushnell is this has an ‘all-in-one’ battery system which needs to be charged whereas the Bushnell has a separate battery for the laser meaning you only need to charge the GPS element of it.

Garmin Approach Z80 review: The technology

Another really cool thing about the Z80 is the fact is has course overlay maps which appear on the screen.

Garmin Approach Z80 review

It can provide distances to the flag from up to 350 yards and Garmin say it is accurate to +/- 10 inches.

The course maps added to the viewfinder mean you can see distances to hazards and layups as well as the true shape of the green.

It is pre-loaded with over 41,000 worldwide courses worldwide.

Garmin Approach Z80 review

So how does it perform out on the course? James’s Garmin Approach Z80 review continues on the next page…

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