5 As the number one rangefinder in golf with 97 per cent use on the PGA Tour, it’s no surprise that Bushnell have pushed the boundaries even further with their latest offering.

We’ve seen slope technology in some of their previous models but there has still been the issue of not being able to use it in competitions.

Do you really want to pay £300-400 for something that you can only use when practising or playing for fun?

Bushnell introduce new Neo Ghost GPS rangefinder

The Tour X solves that problem as it allows you to remove the technology which calculates the slope-adjusted yardage. It’s quick and easy to do and makes you wonder why no one has introduced something like this sooner?

Anyway, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Firstly, the Tour X comes in a high-quality protective case which gives the product a premium feel from the outset.


It clips onto the bag easily and looks the business. This gear is not cheap so you want to make sure it stays dry and can withstand getting bashed around a bit.

NCG 2014 laser rangefinder and GPS test results

The size and shape of the Tour X is pretty much the same as the popular Bushnell Tour Z3 – it’s compact and fits in the hand nicely.
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We’ve got the nice bright red display which makes it very easy to see the numbers, particularly if there are trees behind the pin but you can also change it to a black display at the flick of a switch.


What really sets the Bushnell laser rangefinders apart for me is the Jolt technology where the device vibrates when you are locked on to the pin.

This helps you get an accurate reading and also adds to the premium feel of the product.

So on to the slope technology. It couldn’t be easy to switch between the two modes.

The red attachment is basically like a USB stick which feed the slope data into the device.


The black attachment doesn’t do anything from a data gathering point of view – it just completes the aesthetics, protects the lens and lets tournament officials know that you are using it in legal mode.

The concept is a great idea. If you are a laser rangefinder user, you get very accustomed to always having the information you need in the palm of your hand.

Bushnell’s Tour Z6 Jolt laser rangefinder

But if you own a laser with slope technology, when it comes to the monthly medal you’ll have to borrow a legal one of someone or take to the course without.

I know from experience that you can feel a bit lost on the course without your laser when you are so used to using it all the time.

Another added bonus is the Tour X works out the adjusted yardage for you to save a little bit of, albeit basic, mathematics.

The Tour X also has 6x magnification, is accurate to half a yard and is quicker at picking up the data than ever before.

In conclusion, this is the complete laser rangefinder which is fun and easy to use. For me it is the red display and the Jolt technology which makes the difference when trying to zap a pin with trees in the background.

It’s not cheap but it is packed with the latest technology, looks great and is ultra reliable. I’m not surprised that Bushnell is the most popular brand of laser rangefinders on tour.


SRP: £419

For more information visit: www.bushnellgolf.eu

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