Our Bushnell Pro X2 laser review took place out on the course at Moor Allerton in Leeds.

We’ve long been fans of Bushnell lasers and it’s no surprise to see them as the brand of choice by tour pros and caddies.

We were keen to see if the new Pro X2 was up to the high standards that previous products such at the Tour X and Tour V4 had set.

Bushnell Pro X2 laser review – First impressions

Bushnell Pro X2 laser review

I first got a look at this product at the PGA Show in January 2017.

It has taken a while to reach us for a review but it appeared to me that that Pro X2 had taken a few of the best bits from their other products and put them into this premium package.

I’m loving the looks of the Pro X2. It has a gun metal finish which makes it the coolest-looking laser around.

Once you get it in your hand it is a little bit weighty but for me that just adds to the premium feel.

Bushnell Pro X2 laser review

I like the size of this product too. It fits nicely in the hand – much smaller than the Tour X and very similar to the compact V4.

Bushnell also have really sturdy carry cases which also feel highly premium but I know a few golfers who aren’t a fan of the zip.

Bushnell Pro X2 laser review

The theory is that you unzip the case and then use the wrap-over band to open and close it when getting the laser out.

Some people prefer a velcro or magnetic flap which is a bit simpler and less likely to leave the case hanging open.

Bushnell Pro X2 laser review

But the silver Bushnell cases certainly look the part and make them instantly recognisable.

Bushnell Pro X2 laser review – The technology

The Pro X2 has a built-in slope feature which gives the slope-adjusted yardages to the target you are zapping.

But – to comply with the rules of golf – this feature can be disabled at the flick of a switch when playing in a competition.

Bushnell Pro X2 laser review

It basically relies on the honesty of the user that they won’t use it. This is fine by me as you can pretty much cheat on every shot you play in golf.

But you’re only cheating yourselves kids.

The slope-adjusted yardage appears underneath the non-slope adjusted yardage.

It is a valuable tool in my opinion. If you’re playing a practice round at your home club you’ll get to know how much the various elevation changes have on the yardages.

You can then take that knowledge into your competition rounds.

Bushnell Pro X2 laser review

For me, the Pro X2 incorporates the slope feature much better than the previous Tour X laser

The Tour X had a changeable part at the end of the lens. The red bit had the slope feature, the black bit didn’t. This was to show rules officials (who never seem to be present at my club competitions) that the slope feature wasn’t being used.

The Tour V4 comes in a standard model without slope and then a Switch model which has similar capabilities to the Pro X2.

Anyway, two other great things about the Pro X2 are the red display and the Jolt technology.

Bushnell Pro X2 laser review

You can choose between having the yardages come up in bright red or black. I go for the the red every time as you see it much more clearly when there are trees behind the flag.

For me, it’s the Jolt technology which really sets Bushnell lasers apart. This is a vibration to let you know that you have zapped the pin.

When using non-Bushnell lasers I’m always disappointed to not get that ‘jolt’. It’s a bit like when you’re watching golf on TV when the camera is looking right down the line of a player’s shot but you don’t get the pro tracer.

When you get used to a good thing, you want it all the time.

Bushnell Pro X2 laser review – Results/NCG verdict

Bushnell Pro X2 laser review

There isn’t a huge amount to say on how this performs out on the course other than it does exactly what it is supposed to do. And does it extremely well.

The slope, jolt and red display features along with the really cool looks make this the most desirable laser on the market at the moment.

The one negative is the price. Is there enough on offer to warrant parting with all that cash?

Bushnell Pro X2 laser review

I think it’s definitely a product for an ‘avid’ golfer who likes to spend a lot on their golf equipment.

If you want a very simple laser with no bells and whistles then you may want to look elsewhere.

But if you want the best laser that money can buy, I wouldn’t be looking anywhere else.

SRP: £449

More information ca be found on the Bushnell website.