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Best Spikeless Golf Shoes 2023

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes 2024

The best of the best! We roundup the best spikeless golf shoes in 2024


Spikeless golf shoes have become increasingly popular among golfers in recent years due to their versatility and comfort. These shoes offer exceptional grip and stability on the course while providing the flexibility and comfort of a regular sneaker. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the best spikeless golf shoes for 2024.

Our top picks include the Duca Del Cosma Positano Golf Shoe, FootJoy Fuel Sport Golf Shoes, Adidas Solarmotion BOA golf shoes, G/Fore Camo Gallivanter golf shoes, and FootJoy Pro SL Carbon golf shoes. Each of these shoes offers unique features to cater to the specific needs of golfers, including comfort, style, and performance. 

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes 2024

Duca Del Cosma Positano Golf Shoe

5 star review
duca del cosma best spikeless golf shoe

Reviewed by Jack Backhouse

Before you even get the shoes out of the box, you know these shoes are incredibly high quality. The box they turn up in is excellent and comes with a white shoe bag to keep them in. This is a lovely touch; Duca Del Cosma has nailed the user experience already.

These shoes look magnificent. I’d be pretty happy to wear these on the course and then out for dinner; they’re so smart.

Putting them on I couldn’t believe how comfortable they are, this is largely down to the breathable ARNEFLEX® memory foam insert sole with recycled cork that makes walking really soft. The leather uppers are also incredibly soft and require no breaking in at all.

I strolled straight from the 18th green to the bar after my shoe-testing round and didn’t look out of place at all. All of Duca Del Cosma’s shoes are fashion inspired and don’t look at all out of place at a non-golf location. I will no doubt wear these as casual trainers and shoes to teach in too this year.


  • Extremely comfortable out of the box.
  • Excellent traction.
  • They’re beautiful, I mean, look at them?


  • Not the most supportive shoe during the swing

Sizes: UK 6-13 (no half sizes).

Colours: White/red/navy or white/cognac or grey/white

More information: Duca Del Cosma Website

FootJoy Fuel Sport Golf Shoes

4.5 star review
best golf shoes

Reviewed by Matt Chivers

When I slipped the shoes on, they felt very stable and protective. The shape of the shoe is very fixed, and this helps in different weather conditions.

The spikeless bottom of the shoe was very comfortable when I slipped them on, which was another positive.

While testing these golf shoes at Alwoodley, you could feel how breathable they were. There was a lot of space in the shoe – and this wasn’t because I take a size 11. FootJoy installed Breathable Performance Mesh in the Fuel Sport shoes for this very reason.

Breathability is a keyphrase I’d emphasise in this review, and this is an important feature when wearing this shoe in both favourable and unfavourable conditions.

A design as lightly coloured as this could succumb to muddy conditions, but this is a small price to pay for what is a solid and striking golf shoe.


  • The athletic profile is impressive, as well as extremely stable.
  • The colour scheme is a stand-out feature of this shoe.
  • The Stratolite foam helps to deliver overall comfort and traction.
  • The new upper utilises performance mesh and the ultra-thin TPU Hot Melt top layer helps with breathability.


  • There was some discomfort in my right ankle

Sizes: UK 6-12

Colours: White/Pink/Blue, White/Navy/Blue, White/Navy/Green

More information: FootJoy Website

Adidas Solarmotion BOA golf shoes

4.5 star review
Adidas Solarmotion BOA golf shoes review

Reviewed by Steve Carroll

The days of fiddling with shoe laces are gone forever. Adjustable comfort at the mere turn of a dial? Yes, please. Oh BOA, how have I ignored you for so long?

This is a tremendous golf shoe. In every single way. I received the white model, with a hint of orange in the back lapel and a green and orange sole, and they look exceptional. You can also pick these up in black.

These are remarkably lightweight. They’re also pretty flexible but have a stability and structure which gives you confidence they won’t be bending all over the place as your feet are shifting during the motion of a shot.

I was struck by the comfort of the insole, how they gently – but firmly – held my feet in position rather than allowing them to ricochet about like a bowling ball across lane guards, and I also appreciated the ability to tighten the BOA as appropriate.


  • You won’t find a more comfortable shoe straight out of the box.
  • BOA is extremely effective.
  • Great looks and easy to clean.


  • Nothing of any significance.

Sizes: UK 6.5-13.5

Colours: White, Black.

More information: Adidas website.

G/Fore Camo Gallivanter golf shoes

5 star review
best golf shoes

Reviewed by Jonathan Taylor

Wow! Just look at this shoe. And the good news is that it feels as good as it looks. The pebble full-grain leather feels soft and supple. The ‘camo’ midsole offers a pleasing note of contrast in what is a really clean and classic golf shoe design.

The heel cup felt reassuringly firm. The sole boasts a bespoke cleat design which G Fore call G/Round control technology. The cleats certainly feel very durable and the shoes come with a spare pair of laces because ‘the laces will wear out before the cleats’.

Testing was carried out over two rounds in dry conditions on my home heathland course. I found the shoe to be surprisingly comfortable straight out of the box. I say ‘surprisingly’ because I am used to classic styling shoes that look like this requiring a few rounds to ‘wear in’. The leather upper felt supportive but flexed nicely in play.

There was a strong sense of stability thanks to the heel piece, and the cleated system on the sole provided excellent on course traction. There was no hint of slipping on uneven lies or in the couple of fairway bunkers that I found.


  • Fantastic looks.
  • Premium construction.
  • Footbed design works well.


  • Looks too smart to be worn in all conditions.

Sorry, no prices available at this time.

Sizes: UK 6-12 (inc. half sizes). 12-13

Colours: Multiple options.

More info: G Fore Website

FootJoy Pro SL Carbon golf shoes

4.5 star review
FootJoy Pro SL Carbon golf shoes review

Reviewed by Jonathan Taylor

The Pittard leather upper offers a premium appearance and feel, and, of course, is waterproof. As with the Pro SL, it felt very light, particularly for leather shoes. This size 7.5 shoe weighed 370 grams which is just 10 grams more than the Pro SL, and still very lightweight. There was clearly more padding around the collar and heel of the shoe compared to the Pro SL.

The sole configuration at first glance seems the same as the standard Pro SL with 180 rubber lugs. But in fact, the Pro SL Carbon boasts a full-length carbon fibre insert into the midsole in order to provide, in FootJoy’s words, ‘exceptional stability and motion control’ and I did feel that the Carbon offered more torsional rigidity (or resistance to twisting) than the Pro SL.

Where I really noticed a significant difference in comfort was around the collar and heel of the shoe from the clearly visible extra padding in those areas. And the enhanced comfort did not detract from the performance of this shoe.

There are also some significant differences between the two models. For me, the performance advantages offered by the extra comfort and stability of the Carbon, wins the day, even at a £30 price premium.


  • Premium leather upper.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Excellent stability.


  • Limited colour options.

Sizes: UK 6 -12 ( half sizes upto 11).

Colours: White, Black.

More information: FootJoy website

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes 2024

Spikeless golf shoes are an excellent choice for golfers looking for a comfortable and versatile shoe that offers exceptional grip and stability on the course. With top brands like Duca Del Cosma, FootJoy, Adidas, and G/Fore offering specialized spikeless golf shoes in 2024, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Each of the five shoes we’ve discussed offers unique features that cater to the specific needs of golfers, whether it’s comfort, style, or performance. Consider your own preferences and needs when selecting a pair of spikeless golf shoes, and get ready to step up your game on the course in 2024. 

How do we test golf shoes?

At National Club Golfer, we are passionate about producing accurate and thorough reviews and making sure our testing process is rigorous so we get a good understanding of how each pair of shoes performs.

Each shoe is worn out on the golf course whilst playing golf, so we can get an idea of overall performance in terms of factors like comfort, grip, stability in the golf swing, waterproof protection and how they actually look on the golf course.

What is important when buying Golf shoes?

When buying new golf footwear its important to know what attributes or features you value the most before deciding on a brand or model to buy. For example, do you want spiked or spikeless shoes?

A lot of golfers think comfort is paramount when choosing a shoe, we are going to be standing in them for 3-5 hours right? Some golf shoes on the market have special insoles and cushioned mid-soles designed to keep your feet feeling fresh.

Grip is vital to good performance on the golf course as any foot slip in dry or wet conditions can not only cause the golf club to swing improperly but may also lead to an injury.

Nearly all golf shoes will either be fully waterproof or offer some kind of water resistance, and this is important as real die-hard golfers play in every weather condition. Having wet feet for 4 hours is not and will never be fun.

How good the shoe looks is of course subjective to personal style, but is important to any player. Do you prefer an athletic-looking shoe, or are you more traditional? Does your shoe offer on-course off-course style or do you want shoes purely for the course? Does the style of shoe you like have the best color options for your golfing wardrobe?

Price is the last factor to consider. With the models above we have tried to find shoes at all different price points so if you want a shoe at a lower cost, you can get one. Or if you want to spend more, you can do that too. Importantly there is something for everyone.

spikeless golf shoes

What brands produce the best golf shoes?

All of the products in this best spikeless golf shoes 2024 article are picked from the brands that offer what we believe to be the best spikeless shoes on the market.

Do any pros wear spikeless golf shoes on tour?

As you will see on TV when watching the PGA, LPGA & DP World Tour, professionals wear both spiked and spikeless golf shoes, depending on their preference.

Some tour players are looking for extra stability and grip for maximum power creation that a spiked shoe might offer, and others are looking for the comfort and style that spikeless golf shoes offer. Some tour players prefer a running shoe style, and others a traditional classic leather shoe; there really isn’t a hard or fast rule as to what tour players wear.

Jack Backhouse

Callaway Epic Max driver review

Jack is a PGA Golf Professional who specialises in coaching, teaching golf to beginners and top-level amateurs for 10+ years. He also loves his golf equipment and analysing the data of the latest clubs on the market using launch monitors, specialising in blade irons and low-spinning drivers despite having a chronically low ball flight.

Although Jack has no formal journalism training, He has been reading What's In The Bag articles since he started playing at 12 and studying golf swings since his dad first filmed his swing to reveal one of the worst over-the-top slice swings he reckons has ever been recorded, which set him off on the path to be a coach. His favourite club ever owned was a Ping G10 driver bought from a local top amateur with the hope that some of the quality golf shots would come with it (they didn't), and worst was a Nike SQ driver he only bought because Tiger was using it.

Jack is a member of Sand Moor Golf Club and regularly gets out on the golf course to prepare for tournaments. Jack uses a TaylorMade BRNR Mini driver, a half set of TaylorMade P7MB irons, MG4 wedges and a TaylorMade TP Reserve putter.

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