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Best Golf Balls for Beginners 2024

Best of the best! We bring you the low down on the best golf balls for beginners you can buy in 2024


If you’re just beginning your journey into the world of golf, one of the most crucial decisions you need to make is selecting the right golf ball. The right ball can significantly influence your game, helping you improve distance, accuracy, and control.

For 2024, we’ve identified five stellar golf balls that are particularly suited for beginners: the Wilson Duo Soft, Srixon Soft Feel, Callaway ERC Soft, Callaway Supersoft, and Titleist Tour Soft. Each of these balls has been designed with features that cater to the needs of beginners, allowing for an easier transition into the game and the potential to fast-track your improvement.

Best Golf Balls for Beginners

Wilson Duo Soft golf ball

4 star review
Wilson Duo Soft golf ball review

Reviewed by Steve Carroll

With a compression of under 40, Wilson aren’t joking when they say their two-piece ball is soft. With an Ionomer cover construction, and 302 dimples, they say the core has been formulated so shots will fly far further and launch easier, while its “optimised aerodynamics means reduced driver spin for long carry, straighter shots and more fairways”.

All for under £25 a dozen. Well, where do I sign up? Looks wise, it’s pleasing out of the box with that signature bright red Wilson logo dominating.

Let’s get to it then. Even though I was promised length, just how did I manage to the hit the ‘world’s softest golf ball’ further than any other when testing at the performance centre at Woodhall Spa?

I averaged nearly 208 in carry and more than 222 yards with the driver – numbers that would be mightily acceptable out on the course – and if you take out an obvious mis-hit with my second strike the figures would have been even better.

I’ve always had a carry distance with a 7-iron of around 137 yards but if I put the Wilson Duo Soft into play, I’d have to start re-evaluating.

An average increase of nearly seven yards, or half a club, is a hefty return just for changing ball and when I really got hold of it I saw some numbers I’ve only really experienced when combining with a set of irons that had lower lofts.


  • Very good performance at the price point.
  • Flies off the face of the driver but still drops relatively softly with an iron.
  • Consistent roll on the putting surface.


  • Very little to criticise given they’re under £25 a dozen.

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Srixon Soft Feel golf ball

5 star review

Reviewed by Nicola Slater

Srixon Soft Feel balls have been around as long as I’ve been playing golf and I can’t really give a first impression as looks wise they haven’t really altered from what I can remember. The classic black Srixon logo with a number coloured according to the type of ball is very simple and effective. The Soft Feel is also offered in a yellow, with black writing.

Without getting too technical, the Srixon Soft Feel is a low-compression golf ball, having a compression of 60, meaning that it, should help those players with lower swing speeds get the ball speed that they need.

I moved onto 7 iron’s, and I found that the carry distance was around what I would typically expect. The spin also produced some very consistent and good numbers which are great. The launch was also incredibly consistent which is a real positive.

If you’re a low handicapper who requires spin to hold the ball then this probably isn’t best suited for you. But, this ball would work better for those mid to higher handicappers who aren’t looking for vast amount of spin.

Overall, this isn’t the ball for me but for those looking for something a little softer off the face and on the wallet this is a great option.


  • Low compression
  • Reasonably priced
  • Soft feel


  • May not suit faster swinging players

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Callaway ERC Soft golf ball

3.5 stars
Callaway ERC Soft golf ball review

Reviewed by Steve Carroll

Callaway have been busy with their latest version of the ERC Soft. The renowned equipment giant says a new GRIP Urethane Coating System provides more greenside spin, while the equally new HyperElastic SoftFast core “increases ball speed, while maintaining soft feel through the bag”.

How is that done? The spin is achieved through “high-elongation paint” and the core is optimised for faster driver speed and more distance off the tee.

Add in a Hybrid Cover that combines maximised distance from high launch and low spin and a High Speed Mantle which “creates more efficient energy transfer between the layers for more ball speed and provides more wedge spin around the green” and you’ve got a lot of technology combined with a lot of promises.

You’ve got to love the ERC Soft ball around the putting surface and on the greens, though. There was good, consistent, roll out from the fringe, and the Triple Track Dagger remains an absolute winner.

Alignment really is a doddle with this and those big bold lines – not to mention the fact there are three of them – makes a really simple task to get the ball pointing exactly where you want to.



  • Triple Track Dagger means alignment remains a doddle.
  • Lack of roll may suit players who want a high, stopping, ball with their irons.
  • Consistent feel around the greens promotes a more positive strike.


  • It didn’t feel very forgiving for me following some poor striking.

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Callaway Supersoft golf ball

4.5 star review
Callaway Supersoft golf ball review

Reviewed by Steve Carroll

Super long, super straight, super soft. Just super in fact. That’s quite the set of claims for a golf ball that retails at under £30 a dozen but the Callaway Supersoft golf ball has enjoyed enduring popularity and the equipment giant say they’ve advanced the cover, core, and construction technologies, while also promising improved performance from tee to green.

A HyperElastic SoftFast Core is said to be optimised for faster speed and a softer feel around the green and the Hybrid Cover should also “create more wedge control while still maintaining distance, very soft feel, and durability”.

It’s in chipping and putting around the greens where I got the most out of this ball, though, and it was really very impressive. I loved the feel on contact when coming out of a bunker and, unusually for me, I actually managed to get some action on this golf ball on landing.

It’s easily the softest ball I’ve struck on the putting surface this year and it had a very pleasing sound as the putter made contact. I thought I’d have to hit it a bit harder to get it to the hole but the Callaway Supersoft had a really nice consistent roll and didn’t appear to hurt me too much on mis-hits. There was also good distance control with long putting.

When you badge all of that performance up with a price tag under £30, you really are getting an awful lot for your cash. Maybe I’ll just have to rein in the big stick!


  • Exceptional value at the price.
  • Long distance and great ball flights with an iron in hand.
  • Great sound and feel around the greens.


  • faster swing speed players may find it difficult to control with a driver.

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Titleist Tour Soft golf ball

4 star review
Titleist Tour Soft golf ball review

Reviewed by Hannah Holden

I am a long-time Pro V1 golf ball used, so visually, when I look down on this golf ball, I can see it is a little different. The finish is slightly shinier, and the text is printed slightly differently, but looking down on a Titleist is still very comforting.

Starting at the top of the bag, I was interested to see if this golf ball could help me pick up any distance, given its new fast core and updated dimple design for more efficient aerodynamics.

Turns out it was. This was the second-longest ball I tested with driver. It generated 1 mph more ball speed than the Pro V1 and an extra 7 yards of carry thanks to lower long game spin. On average, I carried this ball 242 yards with driver, which is a pretty impressive showing. If you’re looking for more carry distance off the tee, this seems like a perfect option.

Probably the most notable difference between this and a premium golf ball was the drop-off in spin when it came to half shots and shots around the green.

On 40-50 yard pitches, the spin stayed in the 3000-4800 rpm bracket, which is lower than you would get with a urethane golf ball. This did jump up into the 6000s when I hit a few shots that carried 60 yards or longer.

Overall this is a solid performing golf ball which I think I could put in play tee to green. Personally, I would like some extra short-game control, but if you are someone who prefers to hit low-releasing chip shots and you don’t generate much spin this is a perfect all-round option at a great price point.


  • Long with driver
  • Great consistency
  • Great value for money


  • Didn’t generate as much short-game spin as some other models

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Best Golf Balls for Beginners 2024

To wrap up, beginners looking to improve their game in 2024 should consider the Wilson Duo Soft, Srixon Soft Feel, Callaway ERC Soft, Callaway Supersoft, and Titleist Tour Soft. These golf balls are designed with the beginner in mind, offering forgiveness and control that can help novices make the most of every shot.

Keep in mind, the journey of a golfer is filled with continuous learning and improvement, and these golf balls can be excellent tools to aid your progress. Make your choice, and get ready to experience the joy of seeing your game improve with every round you play.

If you’re a beginner golfer looking to improve your game, check out some of our other buying guides…

How do we test golf balls?

At National Club Golfer, we are passionate about producing accurate and thorough reviews and make sure our testing process is rigorous so we get a good understanding of how each club performs.

We headed to Woodhall Spa Golf Club to allow us to collect launch monitor data with our in-house TrackMan and Flightscope. We tested each golf ball on the putting surface and around the greens before collecting data on 50-yard pitch shots, with a 7-iron and with a driver.

What is important when buying a new golf ball?


Golf ball feel is a personal preference. Different balls on the market will feel softer or firmer depending on their compression and structure. It is crucial to test balls when putting, chipping and hitting long game shots to check you like the performance across all areas.


How far you want to hit the golf ball is a crucial consideration when picking a brand and model. Getting the right compression relative to your swing speed and strike will help you get the maximum distance out of a golf ball. You also need to consider if getting maximum distance is important to you or if you would rather give up some yardage to gain in other areas.


Generally, lower handicappers are looking for a ball that spins more so they can get more control around the greens. In this case, getting a ball with a urethane cover is really important as it will give you the most spin and control.


Not everyone wants to spend £50 a dozen on golf balls. When picking the right golf ball for you, you should consider how much you want to spend relative to what performance you want.

Nicola Slater

Nicola Slater

Nicola recently graduated from Stirling University where she studied Sports Studies, she wrote her dissertation on barriers to participation for women in golf.
Nicola plays her golf at Hickleton and she currently plays off +3. Having played for Yorkshire Ladies and has represented England at junior and senior level, she will soon be beginning her professional career on LETAS.

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