Adidas have combined style and environmental awareness in their Solarmotion BOA golf shoe. But are they the right fit for you this season? We take a look

The latest foray from Adidas aims to combine style with an environmental conscious. Part of the company’s efforts to end plastic waste, this BOA model is made with a series of recycled materials – including an upper which features at least 50 per cent recycled content.

Adidas Solarmation BOA golf shoes review: NCG Summary

Adidas Solarmotion BOA golf shoes review
4.5 star review

Adidas’s Solarmotion BOA is an absolute winner for golfers who want to combine both looks and comfort.

Extremely stable and comfortable, you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment too.


  • You won’t find a more comfortable shoe straight out of the box.
  • BOA is extremely effective.
  • Great looks and easy to clean.


  • Nothing of any significance.

Adidas Solarmation BOA golf shoes

Now: £150
Adidas Solarmotion BOA golf shoes review

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First Impressions

I can vividly remember the day I sat in an automatic car for the first time and realised I would never wield a gear stick ever again. So there was a heavy sense of deja vu when I slipped on the Adidas Solarmotion BOA golf shoes.

The days of fiddling with shoe laces are gone forever. Adjustable comfort at the mere turn of a dial? Yes, please. Oh BOA, how have I ignored you for so long?

For those of you who are unlikely to get to the bottom of this piece – though you definitely should, there are all sorts of nuggets in store – let us cut to the chase.

This is a tremendous golf shoe. In every single way. I received the white model, with a hint of orange in the back lapel and a green and orange sole, and they look exceptional. You can also pick these up in black.

I have an issue with lots of golf shoes in that they naturally seem to appeal to a majority market place which is, delicately put, of a certain age. I appreciate plain, I just don’t want to see shops dominated with it.

The Adidas Solarmotion BOA maintains some traditional looking features but they are a thoroughly modern shoe – both in how they appear on your feet and in the technology.

These are remarkably lightweight. They’re also pretty flexible but have a stability and structure which gives you confidence they won’t be bending all over the place as your feet are shifting during the motion of a shot.

The Lightstrike midsole and BOOST heel is doing most of the heavy lifting, and what you’ll immediately notice is how easily they slip onto your feet and how comfortable they are. A lot of modern shoes are like stepping into slippers now, but this is a next level experience.

The waterproof upper seems to not only keep any water out, but still allows your feet to breathe.

Clearly I’ve not tested these yet in the height of summer, but it would be a surprise to suffer any overheating. The Gripmore outsole is spikeless but holds well even in inclement conditions.

Those of you with wide feet should feel particularly satisfied. I’ve got duck feet – as much as extra wide in some models – and though I went up another size to compensate here I still received a great fit without any looseness.

Adidas Solarmotion BOA golf shoes review

On Course Testing

I gave these a proper workout. The first day was spent walking around the environs of Woodhall Spa, hitting putts, pitches, and some 100 full swings with 7-iron and driver in the exceptional performance centre as part of NCG’s annual balls test.

That’s a pretty stern examination for a shoe straight out of the box but they were really very comfortable, never hinted at rubbing, and my feet were in great shape all day long.

I was struck by the comfort of the insole, how they gently – but firmly – held my feet in position rather than allowing them to ricochet about like a bowling ball across lane guards, and I also appreciated the ability to tighten the BOA as appropriate.

It’s one thing to put them through their paces on the range but I also trialled the Solarmotion BOA in very different conditions over 18 holes on my home course at York.

There had been some very heavy downpours the day before, several temporary greens were in play because of the wet conditions, and the traction was bound to get a good test.

Again, they excelled. Despite some pretty slippy conditions caused by rain and mud, I never lost footing or even looked like doing so. That stability gave me a lot of confidence as I went through the round and given they are spikeless shoes it was all the more impressive.

While it didn’t rain during play, there was enough surface water to ask questions of the waterproof qualities. Again, they came through with flying colours.

You’re always slightly worried when wearing white shoes about the effect of inclement conditions but I came to clean these a couple of days afterwards – I’m lazy, what can I say? – and the dirt just rubbed right off with a moistened towel.

Here’s a very important point to finish off. I’ve had these shoes on for 13 hours so far. My feet have not been remotely sore, achy, or even tired. I’d happily wear these every day.

Adidas Solarmotion BOA golf shoes review

The 19th hole

They’re pretty sporty for the clubhouse but everything else about the Adidas Solarmotion BOA really excels. The BOA is very effective, and they are remarkably comfortable. There is little doubt these are going to be my go to shoes this season.

They look sturdy and long lasting and, given you’re going to be wearing them for several hours at a time, the contentment you will feel on your feet makes them well worth the investment.

The shoe comes with a one-year waterproof protection.

Fit: True to Size/Small/Large/Wide/Narrow
Style: Athletic/Traditional/Off Course Friendly/All Weather/Casual
Out of Box Comfort: 10/10
Stability: 9.5/10
Value for Money: 9/10

The Details

Available: Now
RRP: £130
Sizes: UK 6.5-13.5
Colours: White, Black.
More info: Adidas website.

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