Motocaddy P1 Push Golf Trolley review

Best Push Trolleys 2023

The best of the best! We roundup the best push trolleys in 2023


If you’re looking to alleviate the burden of lugging your clubs around the course, a golf push trolley can be an absolute game-changer. They allow you to focus more energy on your game, leading to better scores and a more enjoyable golfing experience.

As we gear up for 2023, we’ve curated a list of the top golf push trolleys you should consider: the Motocaddy Cube, Motocaddy P1, Big Max Blade IP, Powakaddy DLX-Lite FF, MacGregor MACTEC Golf Trolley, and the Stewart Golf R1-S Push Trolley. Each of these trolleys is designed to offer easy maneuverability, ample storage, and durable construction.

Best Push Trolleys

Motocaddy Cube push trolley

4.5 star review
Best Push Trolley's 2023

Reviewed by Nicola Slater

Straight out of the box, this was very easy to assemble. A wheel on either side, pull it up and push the front wheel out, adjust the handle height and well, you’re ready to go.

When it came to transporting it I couldn’t believe how small it folded up. It was also incredibly lightweight weighing just 6.8kgs, whilst this isn’t the lightest push trolley Motocaddy offers it is the smallest when folded. In comparison to my PowaKaddy electric trolley, it hardly made a bent in the boot space. The Cube also came with a useful carry handle to make holding it much more comfortable too.

As a predominately electric trolley user, I was wowed by the amount of storage space a trolley could provide you with. There was a built-in bottle and scorecard holder, a storage area with a lid, ball and tee holders, and finally a net under the handle for any loose extras. The Cube also comes with a space for an umbrella holder if you wish to purchase one separately to attach.

One thing I did find was that the Motocaddy Cube had a much larger wheel base than my electric trolley and so the whole thing felt much bigger and taller. This wasn’t an issue at all and if anything the wider wheel base helped with stability.

Having not used a push trolley for a while I really enjoyed how smooth and easy to Cube was to use. As a member of a hilly golf club, this certainly wouldn’t be my go-to trolley but if you’re based somewhere flatter this is a great option.


  • Very compact
  • Built-in drinks holder
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable handle height


  • Brake not always the easiest

More info: Motocaddy website

Motocaddy P1 push trolley

4 star review
Motocaddy P1 Push Golf Trolley review

Reviewed by Steve Carroll

There are a lot of features for such a little trolley. Go on, count them up on the Motocaddy website. There are 16 of them! And some of them are promising big things.

Maintenance free rubber tyres. An “easy-push” ergonomic handle. Quick-release wheels. And friction-free too! Adjustable bag supports.

You really can’t get the assembly wrong. Flick a small button and you can slide the front wheel and lock it into place. It doesn’t really matter how you affix the side wheels, they will work. No more will you have to spend the first hole spinning down the fairway before you realise you’ve got them on the wrong way round.

It’s even carry bag friendly. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had to squeeze a stand bag on sideways because as soon as the back it meets a trolley stand the legs fly out everywhere (even if they’re fixed in place) or, worse still, they just get in the way to such an extent the bag is an incredibly ill fit. A stand bag fits very nice onto the Motocaddy P1 Push Golf Trolley.

Weighing in at just under 7kgs, and with a two-year warranty, you’re getting a lot of trolley here for under £200.

It’s incredibly easy to set up, just as easy to fold, and it’s really sturdy construction, and comfortable handle, mean it’s a doddle to push around the course – no matter what kind of layout you may have to negotiate.


  • Smooth ride, easy to manoeuvre, folds up into a very compact position for any car boot.
  • No issues holding a carry bag – a trait which other trolleys could copy!
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • At under £200, you’re getting an awful lot of trolley for the cash.


  • Scorecard holder wasn’t quite big enough to hold my card. Handle height is a little firm to change.

More information: Motocaddy website

Big Max BladeIP Push Trolley

4 star review
Big Max Blade Ip push trolley review

Reviewed by Tom Bullough

Sometimes you find push trolleys difficult to put together and a bit fiddly, the Big Max IP Blade trolley does not fall into that bracket. It was really simple to unfold and get moving quickly. It also looks great, modern and sleek without compromising on necessary storage compartments. When it came to folding it away, I was really impressed by how well it compacted down with the flat fold technology – significantly speeding up my daily game of car boot Tetris. 

Big Max have built a really impressive trolley ideal for a wide range of golfers. The BladeIP push cart performed extremely well on the golf course, offering sturdy mobility and helpful storage for your scorecards, beverages and other items. My cart bag clipped on stably with no hassle thanks to the easy pull around cords and clips which didn’t need adjusting throughout the round. The course we tested the trolley on was hilly and the conditions weren’t great thanks to these constant April showers, however I never had any concern of my trolley running away (thanks to the double brakes) or any toppling over due to the stable design. The bag I used was larger than my everyday golf bag, however the adjustable bag brackets allow the Blade IP to cater to for all sized bags. 

Overall this product is really impressive, the general ease of constructing and de-constructing combined with the stability it offers for a push trolley around the golf was really good. Some say, wheely good… sorry. 

The product also comes with a 5 year warranty as part of the purchase.


  • Very stylish
  • Great stability
  • Compacts extremely well


  • One of the more expensive products on the market

More info: Big Max website

Powakaddy DLX-Lite FF Push Golf Trolley 

4.5 star review

Reviewed by Hannah Holden

I really like the clean, simple design of this, it looks very modern and also very sporty. It tested this in the classic Powakaddy yellow and black colourway, but it is also available in black and red if that is something you would prefer.

Straight out of the box, I couldn’t believe how small this trolley was. The innovative flat fold design means it can easily fit into the narrowest of storage spaces. It can even easily fit in the footwell of your car. This is perfect for someone who is limited on storage space and wants to store this in a small gap.

There are loads of great storage options integrated into the handle of this trolley. I really like the addition of water bottle holder and the fact there is space for a scorecard, tees and balls. There is even a phone holder in the top storage compartment. You can get additional accessories such as an umbrella holder, should you wish to.

On the flat, this is very easy to push thanks to its lightweight aluminium frame. As you can imagine, sloping terrain makes things slightly more difficult. If you’re someone who plays at a very hilly course I may recommend looking at the Powakaddy FX3 instead. The trolley does feature a handy parking brake to keep the trolley still on any slopes while you are hitting your shots which was very helpful in run off areas on my home golf course.

Overall, I was really impressed with the usability of this trolley and all the very handy storage features. The slim, compact sizing is clearly the star of the show and gives people with less storage space a perfect push trolley option.


  • Extremely compact
  • Lightweight
  • Great storage options
  • Easy to use


  • Takes slightly longer to put up than other options

More information: Powakaddy website

MacGregor Mactec Golf Trolley

4 star review
Best Push Trolley's 2023

Reviewed by Nicola Slater

Out of the box, the Mactec push trolley was fairly straightforward to assemble. When it came to putting the trolley up for use it was pretty straight forward with the whole thing nearly enough unfolding in one go. The front wheel folds up so unfolding this was pretty simple with a small red button that releases this.

Out on the course, I was quite impressed with how stable this trolley was. I tested this at the hilly Hickleton golf club and with not many flat fairways the MACTEC trolley had its work cut out. With this in mind, the brake got used quite a lot and this was very easy to use. When pressing it on there wasn’t often any audio feedback whether it was on but it stayed very well, even on some of the steeper slopes.

I found the actual handling of the trolley as it was fairly light. The handle height can also be adjusted which is great and makes it comfortable for each player. Speaking of comfort, the handle has a foam cover that is very spongey.

Overall, I really think that you can’t knock on this trolley for the money. For something that is available for under £100, it’s a no-frills push trolley that does what it says on the tin.


  • Adjustable handles
  • Great value for money
  • Secure straps and brake
  • Umbrella, scorecard, and drinks holder included


  • Hard to knock it for the price!

More info: MacGregor Golf

Stewart Golf R1-S Push Trolley

4.5 star review
Best Push Trolleys 2023

Reviewed by Ross Bousfield

When folded the R1-S is incredibly compact and for those where boot space is a premium the wheels can easily be taken off to reduce it’s size further. It is heavier than I anticipated but not so much so that this would be an issue for anyone.

For full disclosure I have never been a trolley user and have carried all my golfing life, so by way of comparison I only have a rental trolley from my home club on the one occasion my bag strap had snapped.

Starting at the beginning, assembly of the R1-S takes seconds and a really nice feature is the adjustable handle height which is easy to use and allows you to push from a height that suits.

Another great design aspect is they haven’t compromised on the number of features to ensure the trolley was compact. A net is provided for any loose items you might want to have easily to hand along with a magnetic ball marker, bottle/ cup holder and umbrella holder, parking brake and scorecard holder.

My home course is a Heathland course and for me the heather is often found. One of my concerns was how the R1-S would hold up away from the fairways but the wheel design and wide base mean the terrain was easily navigated and the trolley felt stable the whole time.


  • Compact folded size
  • Quick assembly
  • Multiple colour designs
  • Adjustable handle height


  • Not as light as expected

More info: Stewart Golf website

Best Push Trolleys 2023

To sum things up, if you’re searching for the best golf push trolleys for 2023, look no further than the Motocaddy Cube, Motocaddy P1, Big Max Blade IP, Powakaddy DLX-Lite FF, MacGregor MACTEC Golf Trolley, and the Stewart Golf R1-S Push Trolley. Each trolley offers its own unique set of features, from compact folding design to easy handling and plentiful storage.

Choosing the right one will depend on your personal preferences and specific needs, but no matter which you select, you’re sure to enhance your on-course comfort and convenience.

Here’s to a smoother, more enjoyable golf experience in the year ahead!

If golf push trolleys seem like too much hassle, why not try look at electric golf trolleys instead?

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