How much does it cost? And how does it perform? Hannah Holden has everything you need to know about the new Powakaddy RX1 GPS electric trolley

Remote control trolleys have surged in popularity over the last few years as more and more models have been added to the market. Now PowaKaddy are back with an all-singing and dancing model, including a touchscreen GPS. So how does it perform?

PowaKaddy RX1 GPS electric trolley review: NCG Summary

PowaKaddy RX1 GPS electric trolley
5 star review

This is a really great all round trolley that performs in some key categories. The Remote control feature is really fun and handy out on the golf course. In contrast the GPS is really informative and get help you save shots out on the golf course.


  • Looks great
  • Excellent GPS
  • Remote function fun and easy to use


  • Slightly larger than other PowaKaddy trolleys

Powakaddy RX1 GPS electric trolley

Now: £1399.99
PowaKaddy RX1 GPS electric trolley review

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PowaKaddy RX1 GPS electric trolley: First Impressions

Straight away, when you get this out of the box, this is an impressive product. I really like the stealth matt black finish, and gives this a more high-end look. Even small details, such as the tyre pattern, have been updated to make this seem more premium than other models in the PowaKaddy range.

PowaKaddy RX1 GPS electric trolley review

Given the fact this is a remote model you might expect a more fiddly assembly than other trolley offerings. This was actually really simple to put up, you just need to remember to unfold the anti tip rear wheel which is hidden under the main body of the trolley.

PowaKaddy RX1 GPS electric trolley: NCG Review

I first tested this out whilst playing 36 holes at Ganton golf club. The course is fairly flat so it was a perfect place to explore the remote function, although I did have to navigate around quite a few bunkers.

PowaKaddy RX1 GPS electric trolley

The remote is very simple and intuitive to use with arrows for forward and backwards as well as left and right. The central stop button gradually slows the trolley down, if you press and hold this you will initiate the emergency stop function. A great feature in case steering goes wrong.

The trolley uses a swivel front wheel to help you control direction. Although I found speed and distance control very easy sometimes I found left-to-right movement was slightly skiddy.

It is great to be able to walk straight to the green and send your trolley off to the next tee when you are finishing out a hole. It almost feels like you have your own personal caddie, which definitely helps speed up play.

Powakaddy RX1 GPS electric trolley review

What I like about this trolley is it gives you options. There is a handy compartment where you can store the remote and control the trolley with the handle as you would with any of PowaKaddy’s other models.

If your are conscious about space, this isn’t the smallest trolley model out there as the front wheel doesn’t tuck away. I think you can be accepting about the larger frame though given the extra remote control technology. If you are after something small the CT range is the place to look.

PowaKaddy’s Plug ‘n’ Play battery is featured in all of the FX and CT models this year, the RX1 GPS features a max model which gives you 36 holes of battery life. The lightweight battery is very compact and sits nicely in the frame. An added button allows you to turn the battery on and off, which is ideal if you want to leave the battery in whilst the trolley is folded up.

The GPS function on the RX1 GPS electric trolley is exceptional. I have used this before in my CT8 model and find it really easy to use. It comes preloaded with over 40,000 courses worldwide so you nearly always have access to data out on the golf course.

The first screen displays distances to the front, middle and back of the green. It also has a drop pin feature so you can see the distances to a specific pin location.

Next you can get distances to any hazards on the hole. I really like how each bunker is labelled so you can more information on its location. For example a right fairway bunker (RFB) or a left greenside bunker (LGB). I also really like the fact there is no annual fees or subscriptions to get this data which gives you more value for your money.

PowaKaddy RX1 GPS electric trolley

After this you have options on screen to measure the length of your shots and also to mark a digital scorecard as you go around the golf course.

I really like having the golf GPS integrated into the trolley handle as it is so convenient for getting fast and accurate distances throughout your round.

Aside from the big features PowaKaddy do a great job with the little details. Even the button has been designed so you can’t accidentally set the trolley off if you hit it with your club or body. You have to press exactly in the centre to get the trolley to go.

PowaKaddy RX1 GPS electric trolley: Final thoughts

Overall I really enjoyed testing this model. The remote technology is excellent and really adds to the fun of your round. I really like the GPS functionality and think it delivers a perfect amount of information out on the golf course.

Obviously, this is more expensive than other PowaKaddy models but I think the technology involved makes it worth the money.

PowaKaddy RX1 GPS electric trolley: The Details

Available: Now.

RRP: £1399.99

More information: PowaKaddy website

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