How much does it cost? And how does it perform? Steve Carroll has everything you need to know about the new Motocaddy P1 Push Golf Trolley

Motocaddy say their latest lightweight trolley has a one-step folding mechanism, which means it’s ready to use in seconds, and also includes a wide range of “game enhancing features”.

Motocaddy P1 Push Golf Trolley Review: NCG Summary

Motocaddy P1 Push Golf Trolley review
4.5 star review

So easy to assemble that even I managed it, the Motocaddy P1 Push Trolley is a sturdy, but still compact, and manoeuvrable trolley that is a delight to negotiate around a golf course.


  • Smooth ride, easy to manoeuvre, folds up into a very compact position for any car boot.
  • No issues holding a carry bag – a trait which other trolleys could copy!
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • At under £200, you’re getting an awful lot of trolley for the cash.


  • Scorecard holder wasn’t quite big enough to hold my card. Handle height is a little firm to change.

Motocaddy P1 Push Golf Trolley

Now: £189.99

Motocaddy P1 Push Golf Trolley: First Impressions

There are a lot of features for such a little trolley. Go on, count them up on the Motocaddy website. There are 16 of them! And some of them are promising big things.

Maintenance free rubber tyres. An “easy-push” ergonomic handle. Quick-release wheels. And friction-free too! Adjustable bag supports.

If you’ve tried enough trolleys in your time (and, yes, I have), you’ll know there are some claims here. They’re part of what the company say are “game enhancing features” and are designed to get you round the course as hassle-free as possible.

Here’s another one. Ready to use in seconds. Can all of these things really be true? Well, this one is right off the bat. It took me longer to take the wrapping off than it did to put the Motocaddy P1 Push Golf Trolley together. I didn’t even need to read the instructions to get it upright.

And it also went back down again. With no fuss. So far so good. But what happened when I got to the course?

Motocaddy P1 Push Golf Trolley: NCG Review

I didn’t think I’d ever find anything to match the Motocaddy Cube push trolley – so much so that despite an obsessive desire to change equipment every season I ran it until it could stand no more. It lasted YEARS.

There was a reason for seeking and staying with such a compact solution. To call my car boot small would be to scorn the dictionary definition of the word. It’s not so much a storage area as a hutch. I can’t even get a driver in there.

So the Motocady P1 Push Golf Trolley had a defining test before we even left my driveway. Could I actually get it to the course?

Comfortably! Though it does not have the Cube’s cuteness in size, this is still a very compact trolley when folded and which then transforms into something very sturdy indeed.

You really can’t get the assembly wrong. Flick a small button and you can slide the front wheel and lock it into place. It doesn’t really matter how you affix the side wheels, they will work. No more will you have to spend the first hole spinning down the fairway before you realise you’ve got them on the wrong way round.

It’s even carry bag friendly. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had to squeeze a stand bag on sideways because as soon as the back it meets a trolley stand the legs fly out everywhere (even if they’re fixed in place) or, worse still, they just get in the way to such an extent the bag is an incredibly ill fit. A stand bag fits very nice onto the Motocaddy P1 Push Golf Trolley.

Motocaddy P1 Push Golf trolley review

Then the bag supports actually stay where you want them to. No riding up in a bid to decapitate your 7-iron or sliding off the bottom and sending your bag flying – usually when you’re messing around by a penalty area.

The handle fits around your fingers neatly and makes steering a doddle. It’s a great material too. No longer must you put up with a handle that’s so comfortable it feels like foam but which you know is going to split within the first six months.

I tested this model at my home club at York, and the blue colour stands out and makes finding the brake really easy. It’s very responsive too. Click it once and there is no moving this trolley. Click it again and it releases. Gone are the days of jamming your foot up and down like you’ve got a dodgy clutch to get it to respond.

I’ve a couple of incredibly minor grumbles. The handle height was good for me but – and perhaps this is user error – I did find it a little clunky to adjust. It seemed to affect the main locking mechanism if I pushed too hard.

And although the drinks holder is great and the scorecard holder adequate, the latter is fraction too small to hold my club’s cardboard. So what, you might say but I’ve a habit of losing scorecards on the course and so I rely on my trolley to keep it, and pencils, safe.

I couldn’t quite close the compartment door and so it was left ajar. It’s a very small complaint. It’s not like it wasn’t secure. But it just looked slightly awry. For those of you whose club scorecards are a slightly different shape, this won’t even be a thing.

Motocaddy P1 Push golf trolley review

I was a little wary taking this out on a damp day on the course, after a lot of rain during the week but, going back to the maintenance free tyres, the air hose dispatched any grime off the wheels and chassis with very little fuss. This is a bigger deal for me then it sounds. I’ve no desire to spend time after the round mopping up with a cloth.

And as easily as the trolley went up, so it came down just as simply. I’d actually argue that this probably edges out the Cube when it comes to dismantling. It was back in the boot within seconds.

Motocaddy P1 Push Golf Trolley: Final thoughts

Weighing in at just under 7kgs, and with a two-year warranty, you’re getting a lot of trolley here for under £200.

It’s incredibly easy to set up, just as easy to fold, and it’s really sturdy construction, and comfortable handle, mean it’s a doddle to push around the course – no matter what kind of layout you may have to negotiate.

It’s still relatively compact size is a huge plus and the brake is exceptionally effective. Overall? The Motocaddy P1 Push Golf Trolley is an absolute triumph.

Motocaddy P1 Push Golf Trolley review

Motocaddy P1 Push Golf Trolley: The Details

Available: Now.

RRP: £189.99

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What do you think of the Motocaddy P1 Push Golf trolley and Motocaddy push trolleys in general? Let me know with a tweet.

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