European Resorts

Welcome to the NCG Top 100s list of the best resorts across Continental Europe.

It is believed that the first recorded form of golf came from the Netherlands in the 12th Century. Kolf as they called it, was very similar to the game we know and love today.

These days, many golf courses in Continental Europe are now linked to hotels, with guests coming from far and wide for a holiday.
Spain, Turkey and Portugal are the obvious places, and there are plenty of resorts on our list which are based in these three countries.

However, the likes of France, Germany, Italy, Greece and all four nations of Scandinavia feature. The Canary and Balearic Islands also have several offerings.

There are resorts on our list that have hosted DP World Tour events, such as the Montgomerie Maxx Royal, Aphrodite Hills and Vale do Lobo.

Our list of resorts range from having one course all the way up to five courses, while some have hotels and others have apartments and villas.

There is something for everyone on our list of the Top 100 European Golf Resorts, no matter where you might fancy going on your next golf trip!