Has Tiger Woods moved into the new TaylorMade gear or is he sticking with the clubs that made him a 15-time major champion? Here are the details

Let’s take a look at Tiger Woods’ bag setup for 2020…

What’s in Tiger’s bag?

Tiger has switched into the new TaylorMade SIM driver after seeing improvements in testing.

“I have seen improvements in the new SIM. I’m a little bit faster, but still need to do a little more testing out here. I think we’re going to add a little bit of weight to it, feels a little bit light to me right now.”

“Yeah, I have picked up a little bit of speed, which is nice. I know what my driver can do, I know my current drier’s not maxed out, it’s not supposed to be. It’s a driver where I can hit a draw anytime I want, and then when I do hit a cut, it doesn’t really go very far but I know I can turn it at any given time. That’s what I want with the SIM driver, I want to be able to draw it and then hit my little slap cut up there kind of shortening the fairway. Trying to find both, meanwhile giving me more distance with both shots, would be ideal.”

He has been testing the new TaylorMade SIM Max 3-wood but has chosen to keep his trusty M5 3-wood and M3 5-wood in the bag.

Tiger Woods WITB 2020

He spent hours creating his TaylorMade P7TW irons with the guys at TaylorMade so I don’t imagine these will leave his bag in the near future. TaylorMade released them to the public in May.

His wedges are the same last year the TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 model in 56˚ and 60˚.

Tiger had carried the same Scotty Cameron putter he has used for the vast majority of his career. But he has swapped for a new Scotty Prototype.

It is still a Newport blade but is a little longer than his older putter, which eases some strain on his back. It also has weight adjustability on the sole.

Another quirky detail has always been the Ping PP58 grip but this has been replaced with a Lamkin full-cord grip for the US Open.

Tiger Woods WITB 2020

Finally it appears Woods has been testing out a new version of the Bridgestone Tour BX S for the 2020 season.

Tiger Woods WITB 2020

Driver: TaylorMade SIM, (9˚), Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 60 TX

3-wood: TaylorMade SIM Max, (15˚), Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 70 TX

5-wood: TaylorMade M3, (19˚), Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 80 TX

5-wood: TaylorMade M3, (19˚), Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 80 TX

Driving iron: TaylorMade P790 UDI (2-iron, True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shaft)

Irons: TaylorMade P-7TW (3-PW), True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100

Wedges: TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 (56˚, 60˚), True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400

Putter: Scotty Cameron Prototype

Ball: Bridgestone Tour BX S

Clothing: Nike

How does Tiger’s setup differ from previous years? Head to his 2017, 2018 and 2019 WITBs to find out. If you want to know when Woods plans to tee it up this year, check out his 2020 schedule.

More information can be found on the TaylorMade and Bridgestone websites.

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