Laser rangefinder or GPS: Lasers

Pros: You get the exact yardage to the pin rather than just the distance to the front, middle and back of the green.

You can also zap bunkers, trees and other hazards more quickly than scrolling through screens on a watch or handheld device.

You don’t have to worry about charging it up before each round.

Hillsborough Golf Club

It’ll come in a nice case which clips onto your golf bag.

You’ll feel like a pro using one.

Cons: You’ll feel like an idiot if you zap a pin from 50 yards away then duff your pitch about two feet.

They are no use to you on a blind hole where you can’t see the flag, or the green, or the fairway.

Laser rangefinder vs. GPS

Some models can struggle to lock onto the pin when there are trees behind the green.

They don’t work very well in the rain, or fog.

The battery will need replacing at some point and no other device in the world uses the same one.

Laser rangefinder vs. GPS

Pictured here is a Duracell CR2. Other brands of really hard to find batteries are also available.

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