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The best clubs for beginner golfers? Cleveland Golf Package Set review

The best clubs for beginner golfers? Cleveland Golf Package Set review

Just starting out in golf and need some tools to get you around the course? Cleveland have got you covered with their latest package set

When you’re new to the game getting your first set of clubs is a huge investment and it can be daunting to know where to start looking.

Cleveland’s latest package set solves all of these problems, a full set takes the thinking out for you and gives you something at a lower price point.

But how do they perform? Find out in our full Cleveland package set review…

Cleveland package set review: NCG Summary

This package set is one of the best hardware introductions to golf on the market. They offer the perfect blend of variety in terms of club choice, forgiveness and even pack a punch when struck cleanly.

But the clubs are just the tip of the iceberg; the bag is a revelation in itself, perfectly mapped for beginners’ needs and boasting a fully waterproof shell.

This comprehensive golf club set has it all and more on offer to new starters in our wonderful game.


  • All-round forgiving clubs
  • Superb bag
  • Smart price point
  • Confidence-inspiring look at address


  • Flexible shafts might feel strange to some

Cleveland package set review: First impressions

Cleveland offers three package set options: the men’s complete set, which I tested here; a ladies’ bloom set and a junior package set.

As the name suggests, package sets, or beginner golf club sets, are directed towards players that have just started out in golf. In my view, beginner golf club sets must have three key characteristics to warrant a purchase: variety, affordability and forgiveness.

First impressions with package sets are more important than ever before, as brands look to ‘wow’ newbie golfers from the onset. Cleveland have done just that here; the stand bag included is superb.

cleveland golf package set review

There are five club slots in total, a full-width slot which is ideal for woods, and the rest are perfectly mapped out for the irons. When it comes to club slots I prefer quantity over size. You’re already winning me over here, Cleveland.

If you are someone who likes to stuff your bag full of odds and ends, you’re well catered for in this department.

There are six pockets in total, which includes a spacious side pocket for the larger items, such as waterproofs and – most important – snacks. There’s no dedicated drinks holder, which is a shame, as many bags nowadays offer insulated slots to keep liquids warm, but we can’t have everything in life, can we?

The legs are strong and stable, with an adjustable incline to vary the height of the bag when it’s been deployed. There are also six small tee holders just below the hand carrier, which saves you from fiddling around looking for replacement tees.

The bag is also fully waterproof, so your valuables and grips will be safely housed inside during wet conditions.

Cleveland package set review: NCG Verdict

I tested this package set on my home parkland golf course on a damp day after some heavy November rain.

The driver, and all the woods, have a gorgeous jet-black gloss finish. This colour adds to its already inviting look at address; the large head size is great, but the juxtaposition of the black alongside a white golf ball makes it really appealing to the user.

cleveland package set review

On centre hits, this creates a beautiful pure sound. I didn’t expect this at all; I was ready to hear a tinny sound which you’d often expect from a package set golf club, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The flexible nature of the graphite shafts made the woods really easy to hit. Initially, it did feel strange as I’m used to a stiffer set-up, but it’s something which a beginner would appreciate when they’re striking the ball for the first time.

Loft-wise in the driver, there are 10.5 degrees to play with. More loft is always a good option for a beginner, as it will give you more launch angle, and help you get a more consistent high ball flight. Sure, it wasn’t as long as my own driver, but for a beginner, there is more than enough performance in this club.

A fairway wood will have the tendency to scare away a lot of newbie golfers. Usually, they’re tricky to make good contact with. This club was the easiest to hit 5-wood I’ve ever struck.

cleveland package set review

A 5-hybrid is the perfect replacement for the harder-to-hit 5-iron. I am a fan of using these as recovery clubs, so made sure to test them from varying lies.

It proved an ideal option out of the rough stuff, and its beefy loft offered me enough power to strike through the thick grass and get some decent distance on my shot. It was also forgiving on slices and hooks, which was pleasing.

But the best of the bunch for me were the irons.

They’ve got a thick build to them, which gives you lots of confidence at address. On off-centre strikes, they were very forgiving. The ground was pretty wet on some lies and on fat and thinned strikes; it didn’t affect the shot how I expected it to.

cleveland package set review

My home golf club, Rudding Park, has plenty of short and inviting par-3s, perfect for testing the higher lofted irons. You can get some decent backspin on these, which really helped me control the ball on these shorter holes.

Finally, the putter. Cleveland has been bold enough to offer a blade putter here instead of a mallet one, which was a surprise.

It was the alignment aid that stood out to me here, it really simplified addressing long and short range putts.

cleveland package set review

Most importantly, mishits aren’t that much of an issue. I hit a few off-centre putts that still felt like they were right out of the middle and were travelling straight.

Overall this package set from Cleveland offers beginner golfers everything they need to get started in the game at an appealing and smart price point.

Cleveland package set review: The details

Available: Now

RRP: 10-piece graphite set – £999; 10-piece steel set – £899

Lofts: Driver: 10.5°, 5 fairway: 18°, 5 hybrid: 24°, 6 iron: 27°, 7 iron: 30°, 8 iron: 34°, 9 iron: 39°, PW: 44°, SW: 56°, Putter: 3°

Shafts: Steel or Graphite

More information: Cleveland website

Buy Now: Here

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Ben picked up his first golf club when he was five years old – which was in fact a left-handed set of clubs!

He is a member at Rudding Park Golf Club and has a handicap of fifteen.

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