Hannah Holden has everything you need to know about Cleveland's latest range of drivers

If you’re after some serious forgiveness off the tee, then the brand new Cleveland Launcher XL drivers will be right up your street. Let’s take a closer look…

Cleveland Launcher XL drivers: First impressions

I really like the overall styling of these, the shaping is very sporty and the neutral colour scheme will suit a wide variety of golfers.

Cleveland Launcher XL drivers

Straight away we can see there are three models including two light offerings which are really going to help that golfer with slower swing speed.

Cleveland Launcher XL drivers: The line-up

Cleveland Launcher XL driver

The standard model with adjustable loft and lie settings

Cleveland Launcher XL Lite driver

A Max D model designed to offer maximum forgiveness and shot shape correction thanks to its draw bias design, as well as a generously stretched profile at address for added confidence

Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Draw driver

This model has been added to the line up to offer slice correction for golfers who need it.

Cleveland Launcher XL drivers: The technology

The products name comes from one of the key design features – the new extra large head designs. The Launcher XL is 6.7% longer front to back than the previous model.

Cleveland Launcher XL drivers

The large driver head shapes allow for low and deep weighting giving you more MOI and forgiveness as well as high launch. It has 11% more MOI than the previous model which Cleveland are saying provides a 27% tighter dispersion area.

Across the clubhead we see alternating zones of flexibility and rigidity which directs more energy into the golf ball for increased ball speed and distance on all your tee shots.

Cleveland Launcher XL drivers

The Launcher XL is also counterbalanced as an 8g weight has been placed in the grip of the club to deliver better balance and control.

Cleveland Launcher XL drivers

The Lite models are 12g lighter than the standard XL model. This helps moderate swing speed players pick up speed and distance.

Each model features an adjustable hosel allowing golfers to optimise their launch angle, distance, and shot shape with 12 different potential loft positions.

Cleveland Launcher XL drivers: The details

Available: March 25

RRP: £379

Stock shafts: Project X Cypher 50 (Launcher XL); Project X Cypher 40, Project X Cypher 40 Ladies (Launcher XL Lite)

Lofts: 9°, 10.5°, 12° (Launcher XL); 10.5°, 10.5° Draw, 12° (Launcher XL Lite); 12° (Women’s Launcher XL Lite)

Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

More info: Cleveland website

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