How many majors will Koepka win?

Brooks Koepka has won four majors; he reckons he’ll get to at least 10 – and who would bet against it? Mark Townsend, Steve Carroll, Alex Perry and Dan Murphy dive into their crystal balls. But first…

Is there any part of Brooks Koepka’s game you would take over another player’s?

Mark: The mental bit. I definitely wouldn’t want his putting stroke and, while everything is so good, it’s the bit that makes you look like you couldn’t give a monkey’s while simultaneously destroying everyone around you. Winning majors isn’t easy and hopefully he’ll pipe down a bit now but to keep doing it on the big stage is phenomenal. Speak to any player and all they want to do is ‘play free’, he does it in the majors.

Steve: Four bogeys in a row to all but blow a major lead? I don’t think I’d ever recover from that. He steps up and smokes a drive down 15. That really is outstanding resolve.

Alex: All in on his don’t-give-a-damn attitude. Imagine how much better you’d play if you could drift into that zone?

Dan: Physically, it helps if you can swing your driver at over 120 miles-an-hour and pretty much eliminate one side of the golf course. Mentally, being able to take a perceived or intended slight and use it to drive you on rather than eat away at you is a rare gift.

Brooks Koepka

Who, if any, completes their Grand Slam first out of Brooks Koepka, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth?

Alex: I still think DJ will go on a little run and win four or five in a very short space of time, but my answer is Spieth at next year’s PGA.

Steve: My money’s still on Spieth. The PGA doesn’t bring the same kind of mental baggage that clouds Rory’s mind during the Masters and there were sure signs this week that his slump might be coming to an end. DJ’s going to finish 2nd in a bunch more before he grabs another one.

Mark: Rory, Rory, Rory. Keep saying Rory. He’s only got one to go and it will happen. It would take a big leap of faith to think DJ will do it and hopefully Portrush will snuff out Koepka to stop him getting close.

Dan: What about Phil next month at Pebble Beach?

Brooks Koepka

How many majors will Brooks Koepka win by the end his career?

Dan: You have to be careful. It’s almost five years since Rory won his last major. It’s three years since DJ won his only major to date. It only takes an injury or one part of the game to malfunction slightly and suddenly it’s somebody else’s turn. It is more likely that Koepka wins no more majors than that he gets into double figures. Right now, he is very clearly the best player in the world and the rightful favourite for next month’s US Open. Can we leave it there?

Alex: I have not-so-boldly predicted that Rory, DJ and Spieth will all get into double figures, so I’m not going to change the habit of the last five years for Koepka.

Mark: He keeps saying double figures and that would seem about right. That seems like he’d be slowing down but it’s still absolutely astonishing and would elevate him above all his peers.

Steve: Wow, that’s tough to say. He looks like he’s going to win every major he plays at the moment (he probably should have a Green Jacket on) but double figures means dominance over a decade. On what we’ve seen so far, he could definitely do it but a lot of things have to go right.

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