Europe's Ryder Cup captain Padraig Harrington names his Ultimate Golfer from a variety of categories

The rules are simple. We give you six categories and you name the best of all time in each. From that, we will build your Ultimate Golfer. You can’t pick yourself for any category, but you can name any other player as many times as you want. European Ryder Cup captain Padraig Harrington steps up to the plate…

Best driver

Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy

I would be between Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy. I will go with Rory.

Best iron player

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger.

Best short game

Zach Johnson. When he won the Masters people talked about his wedge play but he laid up because he couldn’t reach. We could come up with people who are equally good but there is a guy who built a career out of hitting it straight and having a great wedge game. He would not have been a good golfer unless he was a great wedge player.

Best putter

Tiger Woods

Without a shadow of a doubt, Tiger. Luke Donald would be a close second but it would be Tiger Woods. We could go Jordan Spieth for a short period of time but, again, Tiger.

Best thinker

Tiger Woods stats

I hate to be predictable but Tiger. What I admired about Tiger week in, week out, that he never let a shot away.

This man, if he was making a bogey on the 25th hole of the middle-of-nowhere tournament, that was the best score he could make in those circumstances. He would give the same level of attention and the same drive on every single shot in terms of never leaving a shot behind through a lack of trying or interest.

He would give everything and I mean everything. I always wish that he had been pushed more by the rest of us, he had the ability for most of his career that he could play within himself and not have to take risks and play with a lot of control. I think he had more in the tank. He won tournaments hitting it to 15 feet, if he had been pushed more he would have done even more.

Best playing partner

Stewart Cink

I won majors playing with Stewart Cink so I would go with him. I’ve had good golf with him.

Bernhard Langer was another one, I’ve no idea why. I’ve had plenty of fun with other guys but I’ve performed well with those two.

Tiger was exceptionally good to play with as it was all about golf. He would say good shot if you hit a good shot, there was no rubbish about him, if it was a good shot then he would say so. It was very easy to play golf with Tiger and, bar the crowds, it was quite drama free. When you’re in the circus it’s not as bad being on the edge of it. He played nice paced golf, he was playing golf with his clubs and he was very respectful.

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