Tiger Woods' new book is supposedly set to tell us everything – but will he properly set the record straight or continue to keep the good stuff to himself?

The publishers of the forthcoming new Tiger Woods book, Back, have claimed that the “result will be extraordinary” and called it the “publishing event of the decade”.

No doubt most of us will buy it, or at least satisfy ourselves by reading the serialisations, but to achieve the almost unachievable it will take some skill by the editor and player to tell us what we don’t know.

The good news with Tiger, given how little he’s given away over the years, is that there is plenty. For years he’s answered questions before they’ve even been asked with tried-and-tested replies that offer little to journalists and his peers looking for a crumb of insight alike.

Tiger’s already promised to right the wrongs of other books so here are a handful of the many questions we’d all love to find out in Tiger’s ‘definitive story’.

The questions we want answering in the new Tiger Woods book:

1. Can you devote a chapter to THAT night in November 2009 and the events leading up to it?

2. Can you rank your 15 major wins in order of achievement?

3. When you heard that Augusta National was being ‘Tiger-proofed’ how much of a chuckle did you have to yourself?

4. If you were to do it all again would you choose golf or maybe something more military based?

5. If you were to do it all again which coach or coaches would you work with again?

6. Did you have a Big Miss?

7. Did you properly have the chyips or was it, as you said, just a change of patterns?

8. When did you last speak to Steve Williams and Hank Haney?

9. You and Phil at the 2004 Ryder Cup – who hated the partnership more or was it actually OK?

10. Phil’s now cool. Are you and Phil now genuinely on good terms?

11. What do you really, really, really think about the Ryder Cup?

12. Which player would go to pieces the most when you showed yourself on the leaderboard?

13. Your chip shot at Augusta in 2005 took two minutes and 25 seconds to play. As from next year that might have required you to take a time-out. Discuss.

14. Is the 16th at Augusta the most over-hyped hole in the game?

15. Rank your various swing iterations in order of preference?

16. If you were starting out today would you get to double figures in terms of majors?

17. If you were starting out today would you get an invite to Spring Break with JT and the boys?

new Tiger Woods book

18. Of all the US Open venues that you’ve played which ones should never have found their way onto the USGA’s schedule?

19. Which course doesn’t belong on the Open Championship rota?

20. You’ve played golf with Donald Trump – how much of a cheat is he?

21. For all the talk of playing Nike throughout the bulk of your career how often did some Miura or Mizuno irons find their way into the bag?

22. Who do you dread being paired with and why?

23. Does anyone do the Tiger Slam – or any sort of slam – ever again?

24. Did losing to YE Yang have a genuine effect on you or is that all overblown?

25. You vs. Jack, at the peak of your powers, who wins?

What do you want to read about in the new Tiger Woods book? Let us know in the comments below, or you can tweet us