Our Ping i210 irons vs. Ping i210 irons test took place at Leeds Golf Centre and Rudding Park.

We gathered data using a SkyTrak launch monitor before some in-depth on-course testing.

Ping i210 irons vs. Ping i200 irons: First impressions

Ping i210 irons review

The Ping i210 irons are direct replacements for the i200 which have been one of Ping’s best-sellers over the past couple of years.

And from a looks point of view there isn’t a huge amount to notice that’s different.

Ping i200 irons


We’ve got a very similar profile in terms of the topline, blade length, offset and the same hydropearl finish.

It does appear that the dampening material behind the face is a bit larger on the i210.

Ping i210 irons review

We’ve seen a fair few Ping staff players (Tyrell Hatton and Brandon Stone) switch from the i200 to the i210 so there’s obviously some improvement that they can notice.

We think both the i200 and i210 have a wide-ranging appeal

We don’t think there is anything to deter a mid-handicap golfer.

Ping i210 irons vs. Ping i200 irons: The technology

Ping i210 irons review

Ping say the i210 irons are designed for precision with an emphasis on soft sound and feel.

The elastomer insert behind the face is larger and softer than on the i200 which ping say improves the feel while also returning more energy to the ball.

Ping i210 irons review

Ping have also refined the leading edge and sole profiles and there’s precision milling in the face and grooves.

Ping i210 irons review

So it seems this is very much a case of fine-tuning and tweaking to the i200 rather than there being massive technological advancements.

To reiterate, these irons are not about distance, they are about precision and feel.

Ping i210 irons vs. Ping i200 irons: The results

Ping i210 irons

I hit the i210 and the 1200 side by side and couldn’t notice any really differences in appearance when in the address position.

Ping i210 irons review

But there was definitely a softer and more enjoyable sound and feel with the i210.

They really are a joy to hit.

In terms of the launch monitor numbers, there really wasn’t much difference between the two. In each case the 7-ion was doing what I would expect and what I want it to do.

Ping i210 irons v Ping i200

Ping i210 irons review

Both have an average carry of 150 yards.

There seemed to be a touch more spin with the i210 but no jump in launch which is good for me as I struggle to keep the ball down.

Ping i210 irons

Both the i210 and i200 have 33˚ of loft on the 7-iron compared to 30.5˚ on the i500 (which carried 160 yards) it was understandable that they weren’t going as far as some other irons I have hit.

The ball speed numbers were pretty similar to the i500 but it was just the added launch and spin which cost me a bit of carry.

It’s great that Ping are once again offering these with the power spec option with stronger lofts.

Ping i210 irons vs. Ping i200 irons: NCG verdict

I’m not surprised at all to see so many Ping staff players switching into the i210 irons.

Ping i210 irons review

There are definite improvements to the i200.

Would I expect loads of club golfers to be upgrading their i200s? I’m not 100 percent sure.

I expect a set of irons to last a good four or five years so if you bought a set of i200 last year, they should be good for a while yet.

Ping i210 irons

But if you are playing the original i irons or maybe the S55 you should be very interested by the i210.

They look, sound and feel superb and do exactly what they say on the tin.

This irons will hit your numbers consistently, launch the ball nice and high with a decent amount of spin so they stop when they land on the green.

Ping i210 irons review

For me personally, the flight is just a bit too high and spinny.

Into wind I’d fear this would make life quite difficult for me.

The power spec option would benefit me because I naturally hit the ball quite high and am always looking to get it under control a bit more.

I’ll be speaking to Ping to get some i210 in the power spec lofts to see what they numbers are like.

If money was no option would I upgrade from the i200 to the i210? Absolutely.

If I had to splash out £800 of my hard-earned cash for the upgrade, I think I’d keep the i200 in the bag for another season at least.

Ping i210 irons details

On sale: July 31

SRP: £126 per iron steel, £136 graphite.

More information can be found on the Ping website.