Cobra F9 vs. Titleist TS2 driver test: The results

One of the reasons I wanted to do a bit more on-course testing with these drivers was the fact the launch monitor numbers were so similar.

You can see from the results below that it would be very difficult to say one was performing better than the other.

Both have really good ball speed and distance for me.

Cobra F9 vs. Titleist TS2 driver

They are both very impressive on off-centre strikes.

So maybe the on course testing would throw up some results to help draw a more definitive conclusion.

Both drivers are fairly large and inspire a lot of confidence but I prefer the shape of the Titleist. It’s a bit more traditional.

The F9 is moving more towards a triangular shape – a bit similar to the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion which was released a couple of years ago.

Cobra F9 vs. Titleist TS2 driver

Both have a lovely sound and feel off the face – high pitched and sweet.

On my first tee shot, I hit the Cobra F9 right out of the heel so it started left and faded towards the fairway.

The ball still went about 240 yards down the fairway so for a miss, I was pretty happy.

I caught the TS2 out the sweet spot and it went about 20 yards further right down the middle.

So far more to do with me than either of the drivers but good to know the Cobra F9 works when I hit a little necky fade.

On the second tee shot I stuck both drivers out of the toe as was trying to hit a draw. Both finished in a similar place just missing the fairway to the left. The Cobra went five yards further.

So which is going in our equipment editor’s bag for 2019? Find out his verdict on the next page…