Our Titleist TS drivers review took place largely at Woburn but was followed by launch monitor and on-course testing at Leeds Golf Centre, Moor Allerton and Hillsborough.

Titleist TS drivers review: First impressions

We saw a raft of Titleist staff players putting these in the bag ahead of the US Open.

Titleist TS drivers

Rather than two super-adjustable models of driver and fairway like we had with the 917 range, there’s a simpler ‘grip it and rip it’ T2 line and a T3 for fine-tuning.

Both drivers are the same size in a 460cc head.

Titleist TS drivers review

We’ve gone back to the black crown which gives these woods more of a traditional feel and we’ve got an exciting line-up of new shafts.

Titleist TS drivers review

There’s a slightly different shape with the TS2 having more weight pulled back.

Rather than offering different options of one shaft make and model we’ve got a real variety now which should suit a wider range of players.

These drivers are the result of Titleist’s Speed Project (TS) where the focus has been ball speed and distance.

It’s an interesting move from Titleist as they look to prove they can go as long as anything else on the market.

Titleist TS drivers review: The technology

So what have Titleist done in their bid for faster and longer drivers?

Titleist TS drivers review

Well, they have really stripped these drivers back to ensure everything was being done to make them their fastest yet.

And there are four key areas.

An ultra-thin titanium crown has allowed weight to be repositioned for ideal launch. There’s a lighter and more flexible face which is so thin the score lines have to be lasered rather than etched on.

Titleist TS drivers review

A new streamlined shape enhances the aerodynamics and reduces drag by up to 20 per cent. And the optimised weight redistribution has resulted in the lowest centre of gravity ever in a Titleist driver for higher launch and lower spin.

They say the MOI (resistance to twisting on impact) is up to 12 percent higher than 917, creating a powerful combination of speed and stability.

The TS3 should be just as fast as the TS2 but has the SureFit CG moveable weight to fine-tune shot shapes and account for common strike patterns or misses.

Titleist TS drivers review

So that’s the lowdown on the new Titleist TS drivers, but how did they perform? See the results and James’s verdict on the next page…

James Savage

Former equipment editor of NCG. Inconsistent ball-striker and tea-maker.

Handicap: 17

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