We put the Titleist TS2 against the Srixon Z785 – but which came out on top?

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Two of the best new drivers on the market. But which will suit your game? Equipment editor James Savage put them head to head

Our Titleist TS2 vs. Srixon Z785 driver test took place on the course at Moor Allerton in Leeds.

We had previously gathered some data using a SkyTrak launch monitor at Leeds Golf Centre.

Titleist TS2 vs. Srixon Z785 driver test: The methodology

These are two of the newest drivers on the market, launching at the back end of the 2018 season.

Titleist TS2 vs. Srixon Z785 driver

I was very impressed with them both when I reviewed them individually a few weeks ago.

But what are the similarities and what are the differences?

Is there much of a difference to how the drivers look in the address position? What technologies to they share?

Titleist TS2 vs. Srixon Z785 driver

We wanted to hit a range of shots on the launch monitor with both and then take them out on to the course to see how they performed in real life.

I was custom-fitted for the TS2 whereas the Z785 is in a spec which I had requested on the basis of what I thought would work best for me.

Titleist TS2 vs. Srixon Z785 driver test: The technology

In the address position, the TS2 clearly has a lot more weight dragged towards the back of the clubhead.

This fills me with plenty of confidence.

Titleist TS2 vs. Srixon Z785 driver

The Z785 has a slightly more rounded and compact shape.

Titleist TS2 vs. Srixon Z785 driver

My first impression when looking at both is that the TS2 may work better for those who need maximum forgiveness.

However, Srixon say they have used a carbon crown which has resulted in significant weight savings allowing more mass to be added to the perimeter for forgiveness.

And there’s a new titanium face which they say is stronger, lighter and faster.

Titleist TS2 vs. Srixon Z785 driver

Titleist have used an ultra-thin titanium crown which has allowed weight to be repositioned for ideal launch.

There’s a lighter and more flexible face which is so thin the score lines have to be lasered rather than etched on.

A new streamlined shape enhances the aerodynamics and reduces drag by up to 20 per cent. And the optimised weight redistribution has resulted in the lowest centre of gravity ever in a Titleist driver for higher launch and lower spin.

Titleist TS2 vs. Srixon Z785 driver

Both drivers have adjustability in the hosel.

That’s the lowdown on the two drivers – but which performed better? Find out the results and our verdict on the next page…

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