Our Cobra F9 driver review took place at the brand’s launch event at Oulton Hall in Leeds.

This review is done very much on a ‘first look’ basis with some more in-depth testing and comparisons planned for January when the product is available to buy.

Cobra F9 driver review: First impressions

Cobra F9 driver review

It’s difficult not to be struck by the black and yellow colour of this new driver which the brand say has been inspired by sports cars.

Well, the inspiration here is speed.

But I think the brand are also trying to recapture something which was perhaps lost during their F8 launch last year.

Cobra have always had a reputation as being a bright, youthful and vibrant brand.

But they are also serious innovators and have been breaking new ground with technology for the past few years.

So they didn’t just want to be thought of a ‘loud’ brand which put style over substance.

Cobra F9 driver review

That makes sense but at the same time they don’t just want to blend into the background.

It’s quite hard to find the right balance but I think they are on the right lines with the new F9 Speedback driver.

“Business on top, party on the bottom,” is what Rickie Fowler said when he was first shown this driver.

Cobra want this driver to stand out. When Fowler, Bryson DeChambeau and Lexi Thompson are using this driver on tour, they want it to be instantly recognisable.

It feels to me like this is a product for the Cobra fans out there rather than a product which is trying to be all things to all people.

But if the performance is right on the money, then people would be foolish to not put it on their testing list – especially when it’s considerably cheaper than some other drivers on the market.

Cobra F9 driver review: The technology

Cobra said the F9 driver was built on the back of asking golfers what was most important to them in a driver.

Distance, accuracy and forgiveness were the top three answers. No surprises there.

Cobra F9 driver review

The three key elements of the Cobra F9 Speedback driver are the streamlined design for more club speed, optimised weighting and a very precise CNC milled face.

Cobra say the streamlined front perimeter face, raised skirt, trailing edge and crown create their fastest ever driver.

Cobra F9 driver review

Weight savings have allowed the centre of gravity to be placed low and deep.

And the milled face – which we first saw on the F8 driver – has tilted bulge and roll where the lofts vary slightly across the face to accommodate for heel and toe misses.

Yes, it does sound a little bit like TaylorMade’s Twist Face but it’s something Cobra have been doing for a while.

And like with TaylorMade’s M3 and M4 drivers, there’s nothing to notice when you address your ball.

In terms of adjustability we have a moveable weight which can be deployed in a front or back position and the MyFly loft sleeve.

Cobra F9 driver review

If you don’t fancy the yellow, there are white and pink options available too.

Cobra F9 driver review

Heads are available in either 9˚, 10.5˚ or 12˚.

We’ve got some good stock shaft options with the F9 driver, including the UST Mamiya Helium,  Fujikura Atmos TS Blue and Black and the Project X Hzrdus Smoke.

That’s the lowdown on the technology – find out how the F9 performed on the next page…