Cobra F9 driver review: The results

We haven’t had the opportunity to test the F9 driver out properly yet.

But we did take our SkyTrak unit along to the launch event and hit some shots on Trackman.

The ball speed numbers were very good and seemed to be right up there with the best drivers we have tested over the past 12 months.

We did a little comparison with my custom-fit Titleist TS2 driver using the same Hzrdus Smoke shaft.

The numbers were very similar. It seemed to me like the F9 driver was equally impressive on off-centre hits as the TS2.

Cobra F9 driver review: NCG verdict

I’m keen to stress that there is a lot more testing which needs to be done with this product but the initial signs are very good.

Cobra are very confident that this driver will outperform your current model.

They are talking a very good game here but it seems to me like the performance will back it up.

Over the past few years the Cobra drivers have been right up there when it comes to ball speed and distance.

The F9 driver seems to be no exception. From my initial testing there seems to be no weaknesses.

We’ve got fantastic ball speed and distance, forgiveness, a bit of adjustability and some tidy shaft options.

So with the added bonus of the Arccos Cobra Connect technology in the grip, it’s looking like another very appealing package for the consumer.

We will bring you some more in-depth results over the coming months.

Cobra F9 driver details

SRP: £349

In-store: January 2019

More information can be found on the Cobra website