Our 5-iron bunker challenge took place on the course at Rudding Park in Yorkshire.

James Savage, Mark Townsend and Christian Maiden were putting their reputations on the line once again.

5-iron bunker challenge: The methodology

Three players, two shots each from the bunker, closest to the pin wins.

But how on earth are they going to get it out of the bunker with a 5-iron?

5-iron bunker challenge: The results

I don’t think anyone was looking forward to this one but Mark has been known to struggle from the sand with a sand wedge. Mark attempted to open the face a bit and treat it like a traditional bunker shot, before trying a slightly more conservative approach.

James followed Mark’s lead with the ‘just trying to duff it out’ approach, while Christian looked like he had practised before hand.

You’ll have to watch the video to see who won…

5-iron bunker challenge: NCG verdict

Should you ever find yourself in the bunker with a 5-iron as your shortest iron – maybe in a three-club challenge or something – you know what to do.

But if you get kicked out of your club for inappropriate behaviour please don’t blame us.

All jokes aside, practising with a 5-iron from the sand is a really good way to improve your bunker play.

If you can maintain some loft throughout the shot with a 5-iron then you should find it a heck of a lot easier with a sand wedge.

Stay tuned for more challenges from Rudding Park coming soon.