Soren Kjeldsen is a Danish golfer and Srixon/Clevelend staff player who plays on the European Tour. He has won 4 times on the tour with his most recent victory coming at the Irish Open in 2015.

The Dane is renowned for his skills around the greens so we caught up with him in Abu Dhabi to ask him if he would share some of those tips with us.

In this video Soren shows you how to tackle those tricky downhill bunker shots.

Step 1: Throw the club down into the sand

You need to throw the club down into the sand so it makes that thumping sound. If you try to lift the ball you will end up hitting the sand too far behind the ball and thin the ball across the green.

Step 2: Keep your weight firmly on your left hand side

If you follow these important steps when playing a downhill bunker shot you should have a lot more success out of the sand.