In the first episode of our series with master craftsman Bob Vokey we looked at getting fitted but now it’s time for some bunker tips.

Which wedges work best from the bunker? Do I need more bounce or less bounce? Which grinds are going to work best for me?

There are six different grinds in the Vokey SM7 range and some are designed to go through different types of sand better.

So we got into one of the deep bunkers at Woburn’s Tavistock short game area to see which ones worked best for me.

Bob Vokey bunker tips: Are there clubs designed specifically to work better from the bunker?

“I don’t really design a wedge just for the bunker,” Vokey said.

“I design wedges to be used in a variety of different situations – and the bunker is one of those.

Bunker tips

“That’s why it’s so important to be fitted because you don’t want a club that works in the bunker but you struggle with it elsewhere around the green.

“Wedges are versatile and the closer you get to the green, the more versatile shot-making becomes.

Bob Vokey bunker tips: Which wedges might you be thinking might work better for me in the bunker?

“I’ve picked three out which I think might work best for you having looked at your technique,” Vokey added.

“You have to consider the type of sand in the bunkers you play out of more often than not. Is it thick or soft sand?

Bunker tips

“We’ll try the K-grind which has a wider sole and works best in soft sand.

“We’ll also try the S-grind which is one of our popular grinds. It’s a really good all-round club and will work well from the bunker. Particularly when it’s on the firm side.

“Then I have the M-grind which has the toe, trailing edge and heel removed and that makes it very versatile as you can open the face without the leading edge coming off the ground.”

Bob Vokey bunker tips: Which one actually works best for me?

“I liked what you did with the K-grind because you didn’t have to open the face. It’s got that relief and forgiveness from the wide sole,” Vokey said.

Bunker tips

“The sand was quite firm so we could get away with a little less bounce with the S-grind. And it seems to come up into the air very easily.

“The M-grind got the ball out pretty good too.”

Bob Vokey bunker tips: Conclusion

For me, I just felt like the 58˚ K-grind filled me with the most confidence and made me feel like the club was doing a lot of the work to get the ball out of the bunker.

Rightly or wrongly, with the S and the M, I just didn’t feel like the club was going through the sand as easily.

Bunker tips

“It’s so important to try out all of the options to see which work best for you, not just in the bunker but all around the green,” Vokey added.

“You like the K-grind and you know what, I like the K-grind because I’ve seen exactly how it worked for you.

“It’s so important to have the confidence in the club you are hitting.”

Stay tuned for the next episode where we find another ourselves in another green-side dilemma.

More information about Vokey wedges can be found on their website.