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Wilson Triad golf ball review

Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers 2024

Best of the best! We bring you the low down on the best golf balls for mid handicappers you can buy in 2024


Welcome to our in-depth review and analysis of the best golf balls for mid-handicappers in 2024. The right choice of golf balls can greatly influence the game and finding the best ones that match your skill level is crucial to improving performance on the green.

Whether you’re looking for advanced technology, enhanced control, or superb distance coverage, our top picks encompass a range of characteristics. We’ve narrowed down the field to four impressive golf balls that offer the perfect balance between quality and performance: the Wilson Staff Model golf ball, the Titleist AVX golf ball, the Wilson Triad golf ball, and the Titleist Tour Soft golf ball.

Each of these balls showcases unique features tailored to mid-handicappers’ needs, enabling better shot precision and improved game consistency.

Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers

Wilson Staff Model golf ball

4 star review

Reviewed by Tom Irwin

It is so white! I know that sounds silly, it is a white golf ball stupid! There is a Staff Model R that is not painted and offers a slightly duller look. It does though look like a premium ball, I don’t want too much fuss when I look down on chip and the branding on the Wilson Staff Model is nicely understated without too many distractions.

With 7 iron I was finding some really pleasing numbers with the Wilson Staff model. Spin rates were up at nearly 7000 revs, and very consistent and that translated into some very good, and consistent carry numbers with a pleasing comparative total. 7 – 8 yards roll on a 7 iron feels playable and the Wilson Staff model was delivering this.

I don’t mind admitting that I drove the ball very badly on ball testing day. There were a lot of lefts, but what I can say is that the Wilson Staff Model golf ball was not at fault and produced good numbers and surprisingly consistent spin data given I was striking it all over the face.

Overall, I would have no problem recommending the Wilson Staff Model ball to a mid handicap golfer, the only compromise I found was in feel around the greens.


  • Improved as I went up in CHS
  • Loved it on longer shots, and pitches
  • Impressive distance


  • Not my favourite on test to chip and putt with

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Titleist AVX golf ball

4.5 star review

Reviewed by Tom Irwin

I have never considered playing a Titleist that is not a Pro V1, the AVX may have changed all that. First of all it looks like a Pro V1, this might sound like a stupid thing to say, but I want my mind free of independent thought when chipping and putting so looking at a ball that my mind has processed 1000s of times before is comforting. There is no new branding to consider, it is not strikingly white like some brands. So I like this familiarity.

To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. I hit lots of chips both with a lofted wedge and some bump and runs. I use bladed irons and Cleveland RTX 4 wedges, I am looking for something really responsive in my short shots. The feel, even at low club head speeds with the AVX, is sublime, and I was able to get it spinning just as I would expect from my Pro V1. This was a genuine surprise. This feeling passed over into the putts I hit from both long and short range, there is no ‘clunk’ whatsoever to the strike.

I thought these 7 iron numbers were exceptional. The spin numbers are optimal, and the AVX was one of the longest balls I tested. So that is very much backing up the Titleist claims. The front-to-back dispersion was incredibly good. My full-out shots alls travelling within 5 yards and backing off did indeed take yardage off. This is another big win for the AVX.


  • Incredible feel on putts and chips
  • Long and tight dispersion with irons
  • Feels like a premium ball to pitch with


  • Struggling for any!

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Wilson Triad golf ball

4.5 star review
Wilson Triad golf ball review

Reviewed by Steve Carroll

Wilson Triad golf balls “will fly longer and straighter, hold greens better, and roll truer”. Can they also cure disease? It’s about the only thing that’s not being promised.

So how do they say it’s going to be done? First up, they reckon the high MOI design on this three-piece ball will mean “fast speed with lower spin off the tee for a more stable flight”.

 They claim an “ultra-thin cast urethane cover means high spin with scoring irons and wedges”, and they assure you that a “patented Tri-Balanced” construction means pinpoint accuracy and putts that roll true”.

When the Triad was first unveiled at the start of 2022, it had a very specific golfer in mind. Me. That’s right, if you were looking to break 80, this was the ball for you. And if you could get your swing speed into the mid 90s (yes, I can), even better.

You can see why. It really is great to hit. It feels like it absolutely crunches off the face with a driver, and the sound is incredibly satisfying. 

Into the 7-iron and I was pretty pleased with the overall carry, which is five yards – or half a club – more than I’d usually manage with this club.

I like the bold Wilson logo on the front and while I’d prefer the Triad symbol to be a solid black line to help alignment even further, the arrows on either side do help you point the ball to your intended target line.

Trust in Triad, we’re told. I think I do, Wilson. I think I do.


  • Low spin with driver should help players looking for extra distance off the tee.
  • Great feel with an iron and superb stopping distances increases confidence with approaches.
  • Really soft with pitches and around the greens.


  • A very minor grumble, but alignment logo could be bolder.

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Titleist Tour Soft golf ball

4 star review
Titleist Tour Soft golf ball review

Reviewed by Hannah Holden

I am a long-time Pro V1 golf ball used, so visually, when I look down on this golf ball, I can see it is a little different. The finish is slightly shinier, and the text is printed slightly differently, but looking down on a Titleist is still very comforting.

Starting at the top of the bag, I was interested to see if this golf ball could help me pick up any distance, given its new fast core and updated dimple design for more efficient aerodynamics.

Turns out it was. This was the second-longest ball I tested with driver. It generated 1 mph more ball speed than the Pro V1 and an extra 7 yards of carry thanks to lower long game spin. On average, I carried this ball 242 yards with driver, which is a pretty impressive showing. If you’re looking for more carry distance off the tee, this seems like a perfect option.

Probably the most notable difference between this and a premium golf ball was the drop-off in spin when it came to half shots and shots around the green.

On 40-50 yard pitches, the spin stayed in the 3000-4800 rpm bracket, which is lower than you would get with a urethane golf ball. This did jump up into the 6000s when I hit a few shots that carried 60 yards or longer.

Overall this is a solid performing golf ball which I think I could put in play tee to green. Personally, I would like some extra short-game control, but if you are someone who prefers to hit low-releasing chip shots and you don’t generate much spin this is a perfect all-round option at a great price point.


  • Long with driver
  • Great consistency
  • Great value for money


  • Didn’t generate as much short-game spin as some other models

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Srixon Soft Feel golf ball

5 star review

Reviewed by Nicola Slater

Without getting too technical, the Srixon Soft Feel is a low-compression golf ball, having a compression of 60, meaning that it, should help those players with lower swing speeds get the ball speed that they need.

My driver tends to be my favourite club in my bag, give or take the odd round so it seemed fitting to start with it. Teeing it up with the Srixon Soft Feel looked good on the tee.

The feel off the club face was definitely a little softer than my usual Pro V1 x, but the softer feel was welcomed. I felt like they looked quite high off of the face than what I’m used to seeing but carry wise I can’t fault the numbers.

I moved onto 7 iron’s, and I found that the carry distance was around what I would typically expect. The spin also produced some very consistent and good numbers which are great. The launch was also incredibly consistent which is a real positive.

It’s hard to fault the Srixon Soft Feel as it does what it says on the tin. Provides soft feel, and through-the-bag performance at a lower price point.


  • Low compression
  • Reasonably priced
  • Soft feel


  • May not suit faster swinging players

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Callaway Supersoft golf ball

4 star review
Callaway Supersoft golf ball review

Reviewed by Steve Carroll

Super long, super straight, super soft. Just super in fact. That’s quite the set of claims for a golf ball that retails at under £30 a dozen but the Callaway Supersoft golf ball has enjoyed enduring popularity and the equipment giant say they’ve advanced the cover, core, and construction technologies, while also promising improved performance from tee to green.

It’s one of the most popular balls in golf for reason – you get an awful lot of performance for the price point.

With my 7-iron my average carry with this club is around 137 yards, but my average with the Callaway Supersoft was nearly ten yards further! That’s a club’s extra carry distance just in a ball.

It’s in chipping and putting around the greens where I got the most out of this ball, though, and it was really very impressive. I loved the feel on contact when coming out of a bunker and, unusually for me, I actually managed to get some action on this golf ball on landing.

It’s easily the softest ball I’ve struck on the putting surface this year and it had a very pleasing sound as the putter made contact. I thought I’d have to hit it a bit harder to get it to the hole but the Callaway Supersoft had a really nice consistent roll and didn’t appear to hurt me too much on mis-hits. There was also good distance control with long putting.


  • Exceptional value at the price.
  • Long distance with an iron in hand.
  • Great sound and feel around the greens.


  • Higher swing speed players may find it difficult to control with a driver.

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Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers 2024

To conclude, the Wilson Staff Model, Titleist AVX, Wilson Triad, and Titleist Tour Soft golf balls stand out as the best golf balls for mid-handicappers in 2024. Each product caters to the mid-handicapper’s need for optimal balance, control, and distance, thus promising a noticeable enhancement in their game. The final decision, however, depends on individual preferences and the specific requirements of your style of play. Whether it’s the premium feel and control of the Wilson Staff Model, the low spin and high speed of the Titleist AVX, the versatile performance of the Wilson Triad, or the responsive feel and commanding distance of the Titleist Tour Soft, there’s a golf ball on this list that’s designed to take your game to the next level.

Always remember, the best golf ball is not just about brand prestige or price point, but how it complements and elevates your unique style and approach to the beautiful game of golf.

How do we test golf balls?

At National Club Golfer, we are passionate about producing accurate and thorough reviews and make sure our testing process is rigorous so we get a good understanding of how each club performs.

We headed to Woodhall Spa Golf Club to allow us to collect launch monitor data with our in-house TrackMan and Flightscope. We tested each golf ball on the putting surface and around the greens before collecting data on 50-yard pitch shots, with a 7-iron and with a driver.

What is important when buying a new golf ball?


Golf ball feel is a personal preference. Different balls on the market will feel softer or firmer depending on their compression and structure. It is crucial to test balls when putting, chipping and hitting long game shots to check you like the performance across all areas.


How far you want to hit the golf ball is a crucial consideration when picking a brand and model. Getting the right compression relative to your swing speed and strike will help you get the maximum distance out of a golf ball. You also need to consider if getting maximum distance is important to you or if you would rather give up some yardage to gain in other areas.


Generally, lower handicappers are looking for a ball that spins more so they can get more control around the greens. In this case, getting a ball with a urethane cover is really important as it will give you the most spin and control.


Not everyone wants to spend £50 a dozen on golf balls. When picking the right golf ball for you, you should consider how much you want to spend relative to what performance you want.

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Nicola Slater

Nicola Slater

Nicola recently graduated from Stirling University where she studied Sports Studies, she wrote her dissertation on barriers to participation for women in golf.
Nicola plays her golf at Hickleton Golf Club and has recently started her professional career on the LET Access Tour. Having played for Yorkshire Ladies and has represented England at junior and senior level.

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