Artist’s impression

2010 Ryder Cup

The terrible jumpers from The Belfry were back in action and part of the line-up in Wales.

Unlike the result from 17 years before things didn’t go their way as Europe sneaked home. Other than the way Pavin is wearing it I quite enjoyed the shirts here, it’s just a shame that they had to sit underneath these jumpers emblazoned with what appears to be a pencil sketch of the trophy.

Red dead redemption

2014 Ryder Cup

What is it with the Americans and red trousers? A Ryder Cup doesn’t seem to pass by with a pair of scarlet slacks assaulting our eyeballs. Compare the two looks here; every single aspect of Europe’s get-up is on a superior level to that of the visitors.

Sadly Patrick Reed, who was Public Enemy No. 1 at Gleneagles after his infamous shushing the day before, beat Stenson at the last.


2016 Ryder Cup

If you were wondering who Jordan Spieth was representing two years ago then wonder no more. Even the socks got the treatment.

It’s even money that his undercrackers had some sort of logo.

Vice City

1983 Ryder Cup

Of course we’ve saved the best for last…

This might not be to everybody’s taste or, indeed, anybody’s taste but, when you wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Miami Vice, then you’re alright by me.