This wasn’t as straightforward as the Team USA rundown as, generally speaking, Europe wear better looking and better fitting clothing with fewer logos.

But, thanks to the K Club and what was en vogue 12 years ago, we have something to go on. But first…

Wag woes

I’m not sure what happened here under Bernard Gallacher’s watch at The Belfry in 1993.

This was straight out of the American textbook for a fashion faux pas as an almost knee-length sweater, emblazoned with flags and trophies and weird shapes and colours, made it into the public domain.

Sam Torrance’s wife – third from left – had the best idea in trying to hide half of it down her trousers.

The Mint Choc Chip look

2006 Ryder Cup Opening Ceremony

OK, onto The K Club and, yes yes, we’re playing in Ireland and all that, but what on earth is this? It might even be a linen fabric?

You would imagine even the locals would be appalled at the state of this.

Eastenders abroad

Staying in Ireland, I’m not sure what the occasion was as this was taken after a practice day. Definitely not a gala dinner, not the opening ceremony so presumably it was some sort of team get-together?

‘OK lads, let’s all meet up in the team room. And the theme is the Mitchell brothers so can you stick on the buttock-length leather number that we’ve left in your wardrobe? I know, I know… just wear it.’

Not so pretty in pink

A hat-trick for our K Club heroes – and despite the nine-point demolition of our rivals this might be the lowest point in European Ryder Cup history.

A paper-thin roll-neck jumper offset by a lurid pink jacket that seems to be made of the same fabric as the opening ceremony number.

Casey has done his best to cover most of it up but, en masse, it’s quite a sight. The Americans must have been even more distraught when this lot emerged for the closing ceremony.

What the fuscia is that?

Ian Poulter

While none of us will ever tire of what happened late in the day on the Saturday at Medinah in 2012 the big head-scratcher was what the colour fuchsia had to do with European golf?

I’ll enjoy Poulter’s bulging eyes until the day I take my last breath, I just wish he hadn’t had to wear this ensemble.

And, Poulter being Poulter, the shoes had to match which only made things even worse.

This is nothing against the Englishman, more the people around the table in some office when discussing ‘what might look good on Ryder Cup Saturday’.

But it wasn’t all bad…

Seve Ballesteros

And it had to be him, didn’t it?

God love Seve and all who were lucky to play with him. Here he is on day one of the greatest Ryder Cup and, if there is even the slightest weakness in this ensemble, then I can’t see it.

The shoes, the lack of any headwear, the collar, the lack of any spongey trouser and the soft pink sweater. Quite brilliant and, helped down the years, by the fact that we did them in their own backyard.