Want to know whether the conditions will play a factor in France? This Ryder Cup weather forecast will come in handy…

Ryder Cup weather forecast

Friday Morning

There won’t be a cloud insight as the player’s hit their first tee shots on Friday morning to get the 2018 Ryder Cup underway. The temperature will be about 16ºC when the action gets underway and will rise to around 19ºC towards the conclusion of the first session.

Temperature: Highs of 23ºC, Lows of 16ºC
Wind speed/gusts: 4/5 mph
Humidity: 52%-67%
Precipitation: 0%

Friday Afternoon

A fantastic afternoon is ahead of us for the Friday afternoon foursomes with very little cloud cover and hot weather expected to hit Le Golf National. Temperatures will be around 23ºC when the players tee off and will fall just 3ºC to 21ºC before the first day comes to an end.

Temperature: Highs of 24ºC, Lows of 21ºC
Wind speed/gusts: 9/11 mph
Humidity: 42%-48%

Saturday Morning

The temperature on Saturday morning is expected to drop a considerable amount from the previous day and it will be around 9ºC colder than Friday morning. Wind speeds are expected to be similar to what we will see on Friday afternoon.

Temperature: Highs of 14ºC, Lows of 11ºC
Wind speed/gusts: 9/12 mph
Humidity: 66-88%

Saturday Afternoon

Conditions on Saturday afternoon will be similar to Friday afternoon with temperatures and wind speeds expected to be the same as the previous day’s foursomes session. The major difference will the drop in humidity which is expected to drop around 30-40%, something Tiger Woods will be happy about.

Temperature: Highs of 21ºC, Lows of 19ºC
Wind speed/gusts: 9/12 mph
Humidity: 2-32%
Precipitation: 0%


There is a slight chance of rain on Sunday afternoon but it doesn’t look like a major threat to the action. Temperatures will drop around 5ºC for the final days play with winds expected to be calm as the players battle it out in the singles games in the deciding moments of the Ryder Cup.

Temperature: Highs of 17ºC, Lows of 15ºC
Wind speed/gusts: 4/6 mph
Humidity: 68-100%