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Best Pencil Bags 2023

Ping Moonlite Golf Bag Review

How does the Ping Moonlite Golf Bag perform? Jack Backhouse put one over his shoulders and went to find out

The Ping have been producing Moonlite golf bags for years, and anyone who’s anyone that loves pencil bags can remember their first. Mine was blue and green, and started my love affair with pencil bags; I can still remember the day it broke.

I’ve since not had a Ping pencil bag despite staying a fully-fledged member of the single strap cult, so when the Moonlite turned up for testing, I was happy to get my clubs in it and cover some miles, just like old times. So how did I find it? Find out in our Ping Moonlite Golf bag review.

Ping Moonlite Golf Bag Review: NCG Summary

ping moonlite bag
5 star review

The Ping Moonlite golf bag is the perfect choice for golfers looking for a new Sunday bag option to use on the course or at the driving range. It’s super light, has a great plastic handle for manoeuvring and comes in 4 stylish colour options.

Want a bag with two straps instead of just one? No problem. Ping have a 2nd strap that can easily be put on or removed depending on your preference. This pencil bag really does tick all the boxes.


  • Super light – only 2.5lbs
  • Extremely comfortable strap
  • single or double-strap options
  • 4-way club divider


  • None!

Ping Moonlite Golf Bag

Now: £99
ping golf bag

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First Impressions

How could your first impressions of this golf bag be anything but good? The Mr Ping patterning is really cool; the strap is padded and feels substantial, and there seems to be enough pocket space, so what more could you ask for?

I put half a set in the Ping Moonlite, and after five steps, I turned back around to my car to check to see if I had forgotten something because there was no way the bag could be that light or comfortable to carry. At this stage, I’m sure this might be my gamer bag for the season.

ping bag

Ping Moonlite Golf Bag: NCG Review

Ping know how to make golf bags. They’ve been around for long enough to know exactly what golfers’ needs are, and they’ve been making excellent golf carry bags and trolley bags for longer than pretty much anyone at this point.

The Moonlite is the smallest and lightest bag of the 11 bags in their range in 2023, but in my view, it may just be their best. How can you make a bad pencil bag? There’s not much to it? I hear you ask.

Well, let me tell you about the features that Ping have absolutely nailed.

The 4-way full-length club divider is a real winner for golf bag organisation. You can easily hold 14 clubs in a pencil bag, but it is common for your clubs to get so jumbled up you feel like you’ve lost one. The 4-way divider gives you the same organisation you’d get out of their Hoofer.

The plastic grab handle at the top of the strap is brilliant for picking up the bag on the move and for when you need to change clubs; being able to hold the bag up solid from the very top as opposed to the main carry strap gives you more stability in these situations.

ping pencil bag

Another feature which Ping have killed on the Moonlite bag is the standing strap. This small feature is a no-brainer on pencil bags and means you don’t have to bend all the way down to the ground to pick it up, which for people with sore backs is brilliant. It can stand up almost as tall as the height you would need to grab a stand bag from.

The Moonlite golf bag has a water-resistant underside, which has been perfect for my use over the last couple of weeks. The weather in the UK has been, let’s say, less than perfect, and the wet ground is normally an issue for pencil bag users. Not with the Ping Moonlite; I got to the end of my rounds with dry grips with no problem, even though my towel was pretty much soaked.

Pencil bag carriers travel light and move fast and don’t generally want too much weight in the bag around the golf course, but you do need some space for essentials like a provisional ball or two. The pocket space is great on the Moonlite. It has a valuables pocket, a big pocket which can get a jumper, drink, balls and tees in. A decent water bottle pocket and a smaller ball pocket.

My favourite feature of the Ping Moonlite golf bag is the removable second strap. This is an ongoing argument between pencil bag purists, with many feeling that two straps aren’t cool enough but others arguing that dual straps are better for comfort and ease of use. Ping have thought about this and have chosen not to pick sides and produce a bag that works for both parties. Very clever.

I’ve used this bag for a couple of rounds of golf and a few trips to the driving range and have really enjoyed using it. It’s plenty light enough for my needs, and I can carry around everything I would normally have in my bag on the course.

With many pencil bags now featuring two small little legs or a mini stand, I am actually pleased that Ping have chosen to ignore this trend and keep the pencil bag classic. I personally think that these add unnecessary weight to the bag, and if you don’t want your clubs to touch the grass when you put the bag down, you should just buy a lightweight bag with a stand, as there are plenty available.

To summarise, this lightweight bag is really high quality and is better than any of the other Moonlite bags you have used in the past. If you’re newly converted to the religion of single strapping or just looking for a small bag to take to the driving range in your weekly practice session, be sure to check out the Ping Moonlite golf bag.

The Details

Available: Now.

RRP: £99

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