There's a reason hybrids are far easier to hit than irons. And Hannah Holden wonders if mid-handicappers should be using more. We'll let her explain


Wilson Launch Pad hybrid irons: The technology

The whole Wilson Launch Pad range offers forgiving, slice combating technology. The aim is to provide more consistent distance gapping throughout the bag of every player.

The big difference in this range to other lightweight models is the use of hybrid irons rather than standard iron models.

hybrid irons

So what is a hybrid iron? If the name didn’t give this away, it is a cross between a hybrid and an iron which is designed to replace irons and offer high-handicap golfers an alternative that’s much easier to hit and launch.

They are lightweight and draw-biased to help players who struggle with long irons and want effortless distance with the longer clubs in the bag.

There have been some significant updates since the original range. Weight has been redistributed in the club head to help created a thinner top line look at address.

hybrid irons

This also allows more weight to be added lower to help launch the ball higher giving you more hang time and distance.

The hybrids irons feature a high-strength, super thin Carpenter Custom 455 face for maximum ball speed and distance.

“We’ve conducted extensive research on how the wide sole on the Launch Pad iron interacts with the turf at impact. Thanks to the sole design, the leading edge stays above the turf and produces a smaller divot, so the connection between clubhead and ball is a lot cleaner. We’ve seen a 1mph clubhead and ball speed increase with this latest technology allowing for longer and straighter shots.”

Jon Pergande, Wilson Golf 

The hybrid irons run from 4-iron to sand wedge.


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