Why Didn't I Think of That? | Episode 3

Golf Tips

Some serious kit for the amateur and pro alike

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In our weekly video feature taking a look at some of the top tech in golf, we have reviewed some seriously impressive kit.

This week we have some products that could revolutionise the way in which we putt, a new iteration of the sport aimed at increasing golf’s audience and an application that aims to improve all facets of your swing.

If there is a gadget or piece of tech out that you would like us to review, then please get in touch! We’ll try are hardest to get the lowdown on the product and give you an honest and impartial review!

Products featured this week:


The sport of FlingGolf is being pushed as what ‘snowboarding is to skiing’. Played on the same courses as the regular sport of golf, players do not strike the ball in a traditional manner, but instead ‘fling’ the ball with the FlingStick in a manner similar to lacrosse or jai alai.

The caveat with FlingGolf is the low cost barrier of entry. Players are not required to have a great deal of equipment. A FlingStick is the only required piece of equipment to play the sport.

Played almost exactly the same as a regular game of golf, this sport is growing and even has backing of a former National Golf Course Owners Association President.

Available: Now at www.flinggolf.com
SRP: $169

Zepp Golf

Measure the most important aspects of your swing, then analyze and improve each one. Zepp offers an incredible set of 3D and video analysis features that give you instant feedback. You can even compare your swing to the pros.”

The Zepp device allows you to see a full analysis of your swing and record each individual club swing from your bag.

The application is available for free and allows swing analysis wihout the Zepp sensor, but has limited analysis features unless the sensor is added.

Available: Now at www.zepp.com and for iOS and Android
SRP: £129.99

The Perfect Putter

The Perfect Putter is helps generate the perfect roll every time, to help read the greens just like a pro.

By allowing you to work out the ideal line and the right speed, you’ll putt holes much more putts.

The device is used by Justin Rose enables you to read the breaks of putts and the speed of greens with ease allowing you to focus on putting the ball consistently.

Available: Now at www.theperfectputter.com
SRP: €299.00

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