Our Titleist 2019 Pro V1 and Pro V1x review has taken place at various golf courses across Europe.

We’ve used them on the course at Hillsborough, Moor Allerton, Woburn and Dom Pedro.

Titleist 2019 Pro V1 and Pro V1x review: First impressions

Titleist 2019 Pro V1

Has it really been two years?

Although the time may have flown since the last Pro V1 and Pro V1x launch, the team of more than 70 chemists, physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers and technicians in the Titleist golf ball R&D department have been trying to make the No. 1 ball in golf even better.

The 2017 Pro V1 was used by seven of the last eight major winners – Brooks Koepka, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Patrick Reed, Francesco Molinari – but we’ve got all-new technology, as well as a yellow colour option, in the 2019 models.

Titleist 2019 Pro V1

So are they better? And will it be the Pro V1 or Pro V1x that’s best for your game? Let’s find out…

Titleist 2019 Pro V1 and Pro V1x review: The technology

Titleist attempted to add a bit more ball speed to the 2019 Pro V1 range by adding more of the things which create speed and taking away things that can slow it down.

That’s the layman’s explanation anyway. So what have they actually done?

Titleist 2019 Pro V1

They have re-formulated the core – the engine of the golf ball – to offer more speed.

This core reacts with a new thicker casing layer which also increases speed while lowering long game spin. So that’s more of the fast stuff.

But they have also reduced the thickness of the cover by 17% – taking away some of the slow stuff.

But Titleist say this cast urethane elastomer cover system will still retain incredible durability and control.

“Through the prototyping process, our chemists and engineers discovered a way to cast an even thinner urethane cover, and therefore increase the percentage of speed-enhancing materials in the overall construction,” said Titleist’s Michael Mahoney.

So how did the new balls perform and is it the Pro V1 or Pro V1x for our equipment editor? Find out on the next page…

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