We headed to Abu Dhabi to test out the new Pro V1 & Pro V1x golf balls..

Titleist Pro V1 & Pro V1x

Titleist say that the Pro V1 is the longest ball they have ever designed, and the Pro V1x’s extraordinary distance has been enhanced by a new dimple design that produces a higher trajectory.

We headed to Abu Dhabi to get a first look at the new balls for 2017..

First impressions

Being in Abu Dhabi the conditions were perfect for testing the new balls out. First of all we were around the chipping area to test out how the balls felt around  the greens. Both balls have a soft urethane elastomer cover that gives you the ultimate spin control with your chipping and wedge shots.


Off the tee I usually have a very high launch and spin so immediately I was looking forward to trying out the new Pro V1 ball to hopefully bring that spin down a little bit and have a much more penetrating ball flight.

Straight away, on the good strikes I was seeing a difference in ball trajectory compared to the Pro V1x and having that lower trajectory meant I was squeezing a couple of extra yards out of the good strikes.

I also felt like I had a bit more control with being able to keep the ball a bit lower in the air.

On course testing

During the product launch we played night golf at Abu Dhabi Golf Club on the Garden course and then the following day we played a full 18 holes at Saadiyat Beach resort. So I really had a good opportunity to test the ball out under different conditions.. from a fairway bunker, on a slopey green, out of the rough and from the tee.

Having the variation of shots really showed the benefit of having a premium golf ball in your bag. The durability of the ball was something else that was very good for me. After a full round the ball looked as good as new and could easily be used for many more rounds.

I also went through a full ball fitting to see which ball suited me best. You can see how I got on and exactly how a ball fitting process works by clicking here.

NCG Verdict

What I find incredible about the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x 2017 balls is the fact that Titleist have improved them. It sounds like such an obvious thing but to make a product that is already brilliant even better is credit to the 80 technicians who spend all heir time working on new formulas and ways to improve the balls…

In terms of the balls themselves you won’t be surprised to hear that both perform really well. The feel off the face both from the tee and in and around the greens is really enjoyable.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 05.58.48

Having the spin control around the greens with the Pro V1 is something I’ve never really experienced with the several different brands of golf balls I have used over the years.

So to be able to pull a wedge out and have the confidence that the ball is more user my control than ever before is something to certainly be excited about.

I’m very much looking forward to going out on the course this year with the new Pro V1 ball to see just how much having a premium golf ball can benefit my game.

Craig Middleton

Handicap: 12

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