TaylorMade Spider X putter review: The results

I’ve generally avoided insert putters, largely because I have a tendency to leave putts short when hitting something that’s softer than a milled face.

But this was firm from the first strike, which would tally with TaylorMade’s assertion that the insert is thicker than previous models.

Feel is often important with putters, and an underrated element when making a decision in the face of all this technology, but I really liked the weight of the Spider X and the way it moved through the stroke.

TaylorMade Spider X putter review

I don’t have much of an arc – hence why I use this kind of putter – and it was very easy to feel like the face was pointing in a straight line at conclusion.

That, combined with the shape of the head and the way it lines up behind the ball, gave me a lot of confidence and especially on those four to eight footers that are so crucial to making a good score off my handicap.

I actually one-putted the first three holes I played with the Spider X and all from distance (there’s video evidence to prove it!). I think it will work well for me in competition play as the greens get quicker.

So is this the putter for you? Check out Steve’s final verdict on the next page…