What was your reason for a TPC Sawgrass review?

CM: We were in nearby Orlando for the PGA Merchandise Show. Tom and I have played the 17th before and we wanted to play it again but Jordan had never played it before. 

Where is TPC Sawgrass?

TL: It’s about three hours north of Orlando, near Jacksonville in Ponte Verde.

CM: You actually go past Daytona Beach and the race track.

What should you expect at Sawgrass?

CM: Your wallet to take a hit! It’s certainly a premium experience.

TL: It’s about £300 for 18 holes on the Stadium course. We paid around £130, which is still a chunk of change for a round of golf.

JE: When you turn up it’s pretty amazing because the PGA Tour headquarters are at Sawgrass, so you see the office. The clubhouse is really cool, too, with plenty of history. There is plenty of memorabilia from The Players because the winner always leaves a club.

TL: If you’re planning a trip, keep in mind that it isn’t the same Stadium course you see on TV with loads of people. It actually looks very different to what you see during Players week.

Sawgrass course review

What was your favourite hole?

CM: There are quite a few actually. The obvious one being 17.

TL: The 1st is a good hole because millennials play Tiger Woods on the PlayStation and just try and smash it onto the green. But when you get there you realise how hard a hole it is to play. You have the tree that is by the right-hand side of the green and when you get over there you’ve somehow got to get it over onto the green and it is a ridiculously hard shot.

JE: The 15th is also a tough tee shot with water down the right and trees hanging over, so it’s quite tight. For us hackers it’s a 50 yard-wide fairway to hit, but the tournament tee is about 80 yards further back with about 20 yards of fairway to aim at. It’s a hell of a tee shot.

Any particular highlights?

CM: I think I speak for all of us when I say we all managed to hit the green on 17. We played with Rick Shiels and he filmed us all playing it…

What should you look out for at Sawgrass?

CM: Apparently, there is a barber’s chair in there somewhere which we didn’t get to see, but apparently players used to get their hair cut during The Players Championship.

TL: Also when you play you get a metal bag tag, and when you’re finished someone engraves your name into it when you have finished your round.

JE: That was a nice touch.

What would you do differently if you went back?

CM: I’d play it in the summer and spend some more time there to try out the other course.

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