Our Srixon Z85 irons review took place at the brand’s launch event at Fairmont St Andrews followed by some testing at Rudding Park.

Srixon Z85 irons review: First impressions

Srixon Z85 irons review

We’ve been looking forward to this launch for a while as were massive fans of the Srixon Z65 irons which have been among the very best around over the past couple of years.

Srixon Z85 irons review

There’s a slight change this time around as we now have the Z585 and Z785 irons replacing the Z565, Z765 and Z965 models.

Srixon Z85 irons review

We’ve also got a new utility iron too in the shape of the Z U85. This replaces the U65 model which was one of the most popular utility irons on the PGA and European Tours.

Srixon Z85 irons review

In terms of the aesthetics, I think we have a slightly busier design compared to the Z65 models which may add a little bit more shelf appeal.

Srixon Z85 irons review: The technology

There isn’t a huge amount that can be done to improve a forged iron – especially an iron which was as good those in the Z65 range.

Srixon Z85 irons review

So it’s more about tweaking the design, improving the turf interaction and improving the spin.

With the Z785, which is the sleeker of the two models this is very much the case.

The Z585 promise a little bit more stability, ball speed and distance.

Srixon say the Z785 irons feature a tour cavity, providing additional mass behind the impact location for increased shot-shaping ability and versatility.

The Z585 irons feature an added speed groove which allows for more face-flex, enhancing ball speed and distance.

Both irons offer an updated Tour VT Sole for smoother turf interaction and more consistent ball striking while the forged construction from the soft 1020 carbon steel provides a better feel through impact.

Srixon Z85 irons review

“The forged carbon steel Z 785 muscle-backs are the best feeling irons we’ve ever made, featuring best-in-class turf interaction from the Tour V.T. Sole and enhanced control from deeper, sharper grooves.” said Jeff Brunski, Vice President of Research and Development.

“Meanwhile, the Z 585s are similarly forged, featuring a high-strength steel face for more ball speed and now with an added speed groove for even more consistent distance control. Outstanding feel, control and distance from two lines which can be seamlessly blended together into a mixed set.”

The new Z U85 irons feature a hollow, forged construction for a high-launch trajectory.

Srixon Z85 irons review

Srixon say they offer an iron-like address profile making them ideal for creating a combo set with the Z 785 or Z 585 irons.

What’s interesting is that the U85 is now available from 2-5 iron.

That’s the lowdown on the new Srixon Z85 irons – but how did they perform? Find out on the next page…

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