The new Scotty Cameron Select Putters 2018 are all absolutely stunning.

But which one will suit your game? And do you need to get custom-fitted for a putter like you would for a driver?

We caught up with Titleist product specialist Nick Sharples to go through a fitting and try out the new Scotty Cameron Select models for 2018.

We’ve got seven in total with the Newport, Newport 2, Newport 2.5, Newport 3, Laguna, Fastback and Squareback.

Scotty Cameron Select Putters 2018 – First impressions

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I’ve always been more of a Futura man as I like my putter to be very stable through the stroke.

But if I was picking a putter on looks it would be a Select model all day long.

Who wouldn’t want to use a Newport like Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth or Rickie Fowler.

These seven models look fantastic. They have more shelf appeal than any other putters on the market in my opinion.

Scotty Cameron Select Putters 2018 – The tech

Scotty Cameron Select Putters 2018

We’ve got some headshapes here that have stood the test of time so we’ve got some tweaks rather than wholesale changes.

Titleist say Scotty has focussed on the sight, sound and sole of the 2018 Select models.

Each has been given a lightly rounder radius with a thinner topline. Plumbing neck dimensions, edges and angles have been squared up for a cleaner look from address.

Improved sound and feel are the result of up to 30 percent more vibration dampening material connecting face inlays with putter bodies.

And a four-way balanced soled design has been used for faster setup and easier alignment at address.

Scotty Cameron Select Putters 2018 – The results

Scotty Cameron Select Putters 2018

When you start hitting putts you can appreciate just how lovely and soft the sound and feel is.

These putters are a joy to use.

If I was being fitted into a 2018 Select model it would be the Fastback as it’s closer to the mallet style I am used to.

I has a bit more weight, sits nice and square and fills me with confidence.

Scotty Cameron Select Putters 2018 – NCG verdict

Scotty Cameron Select Putters 2018

The main thing I took away from spending time learning about these putters was the importance of the fitting.

As I was going through the different models, Nick could see me trying to manipulate the putter to fit my stroke rather than just allowing it to flow through the ball.

And that’s the key thing. You should be looking for a putter that fits your normal stoke rather than adjusting to try and make one you like the look of work.

But between the Scotty Cameron Select and Futura models there should be something to suit everyone.

More information can be found on the Scotty Cameron website.