Scotty Cameron has added the Select Newport 3 and seven all-new Futura models to the putter line-up for 2017.

The Select Newport 3 is a new teardrop-shaped, heel-shafted mid-mallet.

Scotty Cameron says the Select Newport 3 – which features an aircraft grade aluminium face inlay – will suit players seeking a smaller round mallet.

Scotty Cameron Select Newport 3

“We’ve extended the methodology of our proven multi-material technology to include the aircraft grade aluminium inlay,” said master craftsman Scotty Cameron.

“This allows me to design more of the weight into the sculpted back flange, as well as get the sweet feel the inlay produces.”

In terms of size it sits between the Newport 2 Notchback and the mallets – which brings us on to the seven new Futura models…

Futura 5CB

Futura 5CB Hero 1

A rounded almost cavity back mid-mallet with multi-material face-sole technology and a black aircraft aluminium flange plate.

Futura 5MB

Scotty Cameron Futura 5MB

A classic, elegant rounded mid-mallet with wrap-around face-sole technology and completely solid stainless steel flange.

Futura 5W

Futura 5W

Dual purpose alignment features frame the ball and aligns the sweet spot with white flange lines placed parallel to each wing.

Futura 5S

Futura 5S

A straight-shafted model with dual-purpose alignment design.

Futura 6M

Futura 6M

The high MOI Futura 6M offers the ultimate in forgiveness and resistance to twisting on off-centre strikes.

Futura 6M DB

Futura 6M DB

The Futura 6M Dual Balance adds an extra 50 grams of weight in the head and at the butt end of the shaft to slow and stabilise the putting stroke.

Futura 7M

Futura 7M

Features refined shaping of the back wings with weight moved weight back behind the putter face for added forgiveness and dual-purpose alignment.

“This new Futura line blends my ideas about high-performance putter designs with my longstanding ideals that high-tech should always be high-quality,” Cameron added.

“What we’ve pioneered with our multi-material technology allows me to design properly-weighted larger putter heads for more stable setups to give mallet players more confidence over putts.”


Select Newport 3: £335
Futura putters: £335
Futura 6M Dual Balance putter: £355

In store: March 17, 2017

For more visit: or follow Scotty Cameron on YouTube