What's new? How much does it cost? And how does it perform? Jack Backhouse brings you the low down on Odyssey Tri Hot 5k Double Wide Putter

Odyssey’s new Tri Hot 5k putters are out and are supposed to be the most forgiving putters they have ever made. So how did we find the Double Wide? Find out in our Odyssey Tri Hot 5k Double Wide putter review.

Odyssey Tri Hot 5k Double Wide Putter Review: NCG Summary

odyssey tri hot 5k
5 star review

Odyssey putters are wonderful, aren’t they? You know when you pick them up that you are getting the most cutting-edge technology available in a putter.

Mallet and blade putter lovers alike are going to love the new Double Wide; it’s so clean behind the ball, and the long line on the Double Wide makes alignment so easy.


  • Very square behind the ball
  • Forward centre of gravity feels solid at impact
  • High MOI means miss hits perform really well


  • None!

Odyssey Tri Hot 5k Double Wide Putter

Now: £349
odyssey putters

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First Impressions

Right out of the gate, I love this putter. What’s not to like? There’s the White Hot insert that we know performs so well, the stroke lab shaft, which is stiffer than before for more stability, and a newly designed grip which feels fantastic.

The whole design of the putter has a super high-quality feel to it. You can even buy different material removable weights for the sole to change the balance and swing weight of the putter, which is a brilliant option for golfers.

tri hot 5k putter review

NCG Review

Blade putters are my thing. Some people collect football stickers; some people collect ball markers or pencils from different golf clubs they visit. I collect blade putters. I love the way they sit and the purity of it, like you could be using the same style club as one of the all-time greats from the 50s and 60s.

The Odyssey Tri Hot 5k Double Wide claims to be a blade, but initially didn’t entirely pass my test with it being wider than the more standard size. It didn’t take long after hitting a few putts on the green to swiftly change my mind that this should be a part of my collection.

golf putters

The big story with the new Odyssey Tri hot 5k putters is how forgiving they are. Odyssey have positioned massive amounts of tungsten at the front of the putter in the toe and the heel to move the CG forwards and improve levels of forgiveness.

In the Double Wide I tested, balls seemed to really pop off the face with an improved roll. with the forward weight position, I hit a few shots from the toe and the heel and didn’t notice a great deal of performance drop-off as I would with a more ‘classic’ blade.

We’ve all been there when you hit a 40-footer from the toe, and you still have 10ft left; the head weighting aims to stop this from happening. Consistent ball speed across the face is exactly what we want from a putter to stop 3 putts.

odyssey tri hot 5k putter review

I’ve used this putter in 2 full rounds now and a couple more practice sessions, and I’m really enjoying my experience. The version I have been using has a crank neck which gives a moderate toe hang, which suits my stroke nicely.

The longer line on the back of the blade has helped me with my short putts tremendously. The confidence you get from feeling like your putter is actually pointing at the intended target is certainly worth at least 1 half a shot a round.

I also really like the balance of the putter. You’d think that with the 120 grams of tungsten weighting in the head, the putter would feel too heavy, but Odyssey have managed to save 6 grams with the new Stroke Lab shaft. Having a lighter shaft to me makes the putter feel like it’s swinging like the pendulum of a grandfather clock.


If you’ve used Odyssey putters before, you will know how good the White Hot insert feels, and you will be pleased to know they have returned it to its original formulation, feel, sound, and performance.

If you are a player that loves this blade design but wants that face balance technology to suit your stroke, Odyssey have released the Triple Wide Tri Hot 5k putter, which has a double bend neck and will service your needs perfectly.

This is a putter you should get out and try. I really like it, and is a late entrant into the race of putter for the season. Having it in my hands gives me confidence on the greens, and I can’t look much past that.

Odyssey Tri Hot 5k Double Wide Putter: The Details

Available: Now

RRP: £379

Shaft lengths: 32 – 37 inches

More information: Callaway Website

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Jack Backhouse

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