Our gear expert got her hands on a Musclegun to find out what it is and how it can improve your golf

I know what you’re thinking. What the heck is a Musclegun? The answer is very simple. It’s a handheld massage device designed to reduce stiffness and muscle pain. It is great for using before golf as part of a warm up or after to stretch out any tight muscles after your round.

Musclegun review: First impressions

My first through was the packaging and styling is very simple and easy to use with all the parts you need neatly packed into a small hand held case which is easily transportable.

Musclegun Carbon review

So how does the Musclegun work? It targets areas of the body with strong pulses of pressure, this action softens muscle tissue in areas of stiffness and pain by immediately increasing blood flow and allowing more oxygen and nutrients into the muscle, reducing fatigue and soreness.

It is designed to be lightweight and deliver percussive massage therapy. Percussive therapy accelerates the repair of muscle fibres by providing rapid bursts of pressure in concentrated short duration pulses deep into the muscle tissues.

This increases blood flow to the critical areas allowing for pain relief and improving function and range of motion plus a gentle stretch which helps improve flexibility performance.

Musclegun Carbon review

It is different from traditional massage as it desensitises the surrounding area you wish to target by shocking the muscle fibre gradually until the target area is penetrated. This way you can target muscle soreness without experiencing the usual pain that comes with it.

The device can deliver up to 45lbs of force and has five speed setting ranging from 1,800 to 3,400 strokes per minute. It comes with four different shaped attachments to help target different muscles.

Musclegun review: So what did we think?

I had never used a Musclegun before so I was really intrigued to see how it worked.

The pulse generated is pretty strong and the vibrations almost feel like they are shaking your whole body, not just the area which is being massaged. Having said that there are a number of different speed settings so you can get the right amount of power.

I have a tendency to get tight calves after playing a round of golf so this was a key area I used the musclegun on. The device was really effective in loosening the muscles quickly and relieving any tension.

Obviously some areas like the back are hard to reach yourself so I found it most effective to get someone else to do this. After sitting at a desk all day my back can get tight before I play golf at the weekend so being able to massage this off before I play has made me feel loose and ready to tee off.

Overall I was really impressed with how this performed. I definitely felt it benefited my golf game and made me feel more prepared for my round and reduced muscle fatigue after I had played. I would be really keen to use this throughout the season and see if the effects continue.


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