It's a shot made famous by the great man, and now he's told the world how he plays it. Learn how how to hit a stinger like Tiger Woods

There’s probably not a single golfer on the planet who hasn’t tried to hit the Tiger Woods stinger at some point. It’s a shot he used to devastating effect during one of the most dominant runs golf or any sport has ever seen and, thanks to TaylorMade, he’s revealed his secrets.

How to hit the stinger like Tiger Woods: Step 1

When Tiger is trying to get the ball in play, he’ll go with the reliable stinger. And whether he’s hitting a draw or a fade, the ball position is the same: “One ball back.”

He adds: “Basically what I try and do is try and keep it as simple as I possibly can.”

How to hit the stinger like Tiger Woods: Step 2

“When I really try and drive it and try and really flight one, I try and stop my hands as fast as I can post-impact,” he explains.

“[But] If I want to just get it down there, I try and stop my hands right around shoulder height.”

How to hit the stinger like Tiger Woods: Step 3

How then, when hitting a shot with such speed and compression, does Tiger stop his hands so quickly after contact?

“Well, I like to soften my arms and speed up my hips. So I try and get my hips moving as fast as I possibly can so that my hands stop as soon as they can post-impact.”

How to hit the stinger like Tiger Woods: Step 4

And finally, some modesty from the 15-time major winner.

“Now, sometimes I’m good at it, sometimes I’m not, but the trick is to always be consistent with the speed of the body.”

Check out the full video…

Now watch me try and master it with the help of elite coach Dan Whittaker…

If you have any questions about hitting the stinger, let me know in the comments or send me a tweet.

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