The LIV CEO has revealed what gives him restless sleep as golf's civil war rages on

Just when you think Greg Norman can’t outdo himself anymore, the LIV Golf CEO continues to come up trumps with another audacious comment, social media post, or foot-in-mouth moment.

With golf’s civil war raging on, Norman has been at it once again from behind the scenes, this time making an absurd claim about the one thing that keeps him up at night amid all the controversy.

In an interview with Forbes, the Aussie was asked whether he’s worried about the future of LIV given the recent turmoil and pending legal trials, and of course he responded in the most typical Norman way possible…

“I’m the piñata to a degree, right?” Norman said. “[But] I don’t wake up with any fear about what LIV is and where LIV’s going to go because LIV is the future of golf.

“What I do wake up in the nighttime [is] worrying about how the players have been treated. Simple as that.”

Classic. No wonder LIV’s rebels are so keen to go to court over their ‘mistreatment’ by the PGA Tour.

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